Ch2 Musclez + bonez

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  1. Ribs attach to ___ vertebrae via the superior and inferior _____ facets
    thoracic, costal
  2. ribs 1, 10, 11, and 12 have a ____ arrangement, meaning that rib 1 attaches to vertebrae and so on
  3. ribs 2-9 attach to the _____ ____ facets as well as attach to the body (____ costal facet) of the vertebrae above it
    transverse costal; inferior
  4. lateral curve in spine
  5. hunchback. abnormal convexity in the thoracic region
  6. swayback, abnormal concavity in lumbar or cervical region
  7. 4 parts of a rib
    head, neck, shaft, angle
  8. ribz attach to the sternum by means of _____ cartilage except for the lowest two
  9. primary muscle of inspiration. separates ____ and ____ cavities
    Diaphragm. abdominal and thoracic
  10. origin of the diaphragm
    inferior boundary of the rib cage, xiphoid process, posterior vertebral column
  11. insertion of the diaphragm
    central tendon
  12. action of the diaphragm: pulls ___ ____ down and forward during _____ ( _____ lungs in vertical dimension)
    central tendon, inspiration, expands
  13. Accessory Muscles of Thorax:
    -external intercostal muscles
    -internal intercostal muscles
    -levatores costraum
    -serratus posterior superior
    muscles of inspiration
  14. origin of the external intercostals:
    lower surface of each rib (except numero 12)
  15. insertion of the external intercostals
    upper surface of rib immediately below
  16. action of the external intercostals
    elevate rib cage
  17. Origin of the internal intercostal muscles (chondral portion)
    superior surface of ribs 2-12
  18. insertion of the internal intercostal muscles (chondral portion)
    inferior surface of ribs 1-11
  19. action of the internal intercostal muscles (chondral portion)
    elevate ribs
  20. the brevis and longus portions of the levatores costraum contribute to ____ of the ribcage
  21. the levatores costraum are considered ____ muscles
  22. origin of the brevis levatores costarum
    transverse process of vertebrae C7 through T11
  23. Insertion of the brevis levatores costarum
    tubercle of the rib below
  24. origin of the longus levatores costarum
    transverse process of T7 through T11
  25. Insertion of the longus levatores costarum
    bypass the rib below the point of origin and insert into the next rib
  26. origin of the serratus posterior superior
    spinous processes of C7 and T1-T3
  27. Insertion of the serratus posterior superior
    ribs 2-5
  28. Action of the serratus posterior superior
    elevates ribs 2-5 specifically
  29. Muscles of Inspiration: 
    -Scalenes (anterior, middle, posterior)
    muscles of inspiration
  30. provides stability and control for neck flexion and extension in addition to assisting in respiration
  31. origin of the sternocleidomastoid
    mastoid process of temporal bone
  32. insertion of the sternocleidomastoid
    sternal head and clavicle
  33. action of the sternocleidomastoid
    elevates sternum and rib cage
  34. muscles of the neck which provide stability for the head and assist in facilitating rotation
  35. origin of the scalenes
    transverse processes of C2-C7 vertebrae
  36. insertion of the scalenes
    ribs 1-2
  37. action of the scalenes
    elevates ribs 1-2
  38. Muscles of the Upper Arm and Shoulder
    -Pectoralis Major
    -Pectoralis Minor
    -Serratus Anterior
    Muscles of Inspiration
  39. large, fan shaped muscle that originates from two heads
    pectoralis major
  40. origin of the pectoralis major
    sternal head and clavicular head
  41. insertion of the pectoralis major
    greater tubercle of humerus
  42. action of the pectoralis major
    elevates sternum and increases expansion of the rib cage
  43. origin of the pectoralis minor
    ribs 2-5
  44. insertion of the pectoralis minor
    coracoid process of scapula
  45. action of the pectoralis minor
    with shoulder fixed, elevates ribs 2-5
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