Vocabulary from Classical Roots Chapters 1 and 2

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  1. accredit
    to authorize; to certify; to believe
  2. credence
    belief; acceptance as true
  3. creditable
    deserving praise
  4. credulous
    believing too easily; gullible
  5. creed
    a statement of belief or principle
  6. deify
    to make a god of
  7. deity
    a god or goddess
  8. divine
    1. to foretell by supernatural means 2. to know by intuition or insight
  9. divinity
    1. a god or goddess; a divine being 2. the state of being divine 3. the study of christian theology
  10. apotheosis
    1. making a god of something; deification 2. a glorified ideal; an essence
  11. theocracy
    government by divine power or priests
  12. theology
    the study of religion
  13. atheist
    a person who believes there is no god
  14. pantheism
    identifying god with nature; belief in all gods
  15. pantheon
    all the gods of a people or religion
  16. consecrate
    1. to make or declare something sacred 2. to dedicate something to a goal
  17. execrate
    to denounce as vile or evil; to curse; to detest
  18. sacrament
    something considered to have sacred significance
  19. sacrilege
    disrespect to something regarded as sacred
  20. sacrosanct
    sacred (often used ironically)
  21. sanctimonious
    pretending to be righteous
  22. sanction
    1. approval; support; permission 2. a penalty for breaking with law or custom 3. to approve; to encourage
  23. sanctity
    godliness; holiness
  24. sanctuary
    a sacred place; any place of refuge
  25. hierarchy
    a group organized by rank
  26. hieroglyphic
    1. written with pictures to represent sounds or meanings of words 2. hard to read
  27. expiate
    to try to make amends for; to atone for
  28. piety
    religious devotion; great respect toward something; especially parents
  29. impious
    sacrilegious; profane; lacking appropriate reverence or respect
  30. pittance
    a meager portion of anything, especially an allowance or salary
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