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  1. ἀπολαχοντες (ἀπολαγχάνω)
    having obtained a portion of
  2. ἐξανασταντων (ἐξανίστημι)
  3. ἐπι ῥητοισι
    upon stated terms
  4. ἀξιαπηγητων (ἀξιαφήγητος  ον)
    worth telling
  5. τα διδασκαλια
    teaching, learning
  6. μεταρρυθμισαντες (μεταρρυθμίζω)
    having changed the form
  7. ἐφατισαν (φατίζω)
    they named
  8. τας βυβλους
    papyrus sheets
  9. τας διφθερας
  10. ἐν σπανι
    in scarcity, lack
  11. ταις αἰγεῃσι
  12. οἰεῃσι
  13. ἐγκεκολαμμενα (ἐγκολάπτω)
    being engraved
  14. πυγμαχεων (πυγμαχέω)
    being a boxer
  15. ἑκηβολῳ (ος  ον)
  16. μετα τοισι λοιποισι
    among the rest
  17. κεχωρισμενα (χωριζω)
    being separated
  18. ἐπικραινομενου (ἐμπικραίνομαι)
    being bitter against
  19. κατα το ἰσχυρον
    by force
  20. προεχωρεε (προχωρέω)
    he/it succeeded
  21. προσεπταιον (προσπταίω)
    they failed
  22. κατιεναι (κατειμι)
    to return
  23. τειχισαντες (τειχίζω)
    having built a wall
  24. ἐξοικοδομησαι (ἐξοικοδομέω)
    to build
  25. καλλιον του παραδειγματος
    more beautiful than the model
  26. συγκειμενου
  27. πωρινου (ος  η  ον)
    of tufa
  28. τα ἐμπροσθε
    • adv
    • in front
    • so the front, the facade
  29. (63)
    κατημενοι (καθημαι)
    being established
  30. προφερειν σφι
    to propose to them
  31. προφαντον
    this is an adjective, but makes more sense here as a substantive: ὁ φροφασις, a pretext
  32. ἀπεβησε (ἀποβαινω)
    he disembarked
  33. κειραντες (κείρω)
    having laid waste to
  34. ἱππασιμον (ος η ον)
    fit for horses
  35. ἐπηκαν (ἐφίημι)
    they sent out upon
  36. κατειρξαν (κατείργω)
    they drove down
  37. (64)
    μεζω (comp μεγας
  38. τοισι ἐσβαλουσι (ἐισβαλλω)
    those invading
  39. προσεμειξε (προσμείγνυμι)
    it engaged/met with
  40. ὡς εἰχον ἰθυς
    they went as directly as possible
  41. ἀπεργμενους (ἀπεργνυμι)
    having confined
  42. Πελαργικῳ
    Pelasgic (dat)
  43. οὐδεν τι παντως ἀν ἐξειλον
    they would never have taken
  44. ἐπεδρην (ος  ον)
    lying in wait
  45. ὑπεκτιθεμενοι (ὑπεκτίθεμαι)
    being brought
  46. συνετεταρκετο (συνταράσσω)
    they had been confused
  47. παρεστησαν (παριστημι)
    they surrendered, came to terms
  48. ἐκ των αὐτων γεγονοτες και οἱ ἀμφι Κοδρον τε και Μελανθον
    being born of the same [people/ancestors] as those around Kodros and Melanthos
  49. ἐπι τουτου
    for this [reason]
  50. ἀπεμνημονευσε (ἀπομνημονεύω)
    he remembered, commemorated
  51. ἐπι του Νεστορος Πεισιστρατου
    for the reason of Peisistratos son of Nestor
  52. ἀξιοχρεα (ἀξιόχρεως εων)
    worthy of consideration
  53. της ἀπηγησιος
  54. χρηισαι (χρῄζω)
    το need, want, beg
  55. προσεταιριζεται (προσεταιρίζομαι)
    he brought in as a friend
  56. τετραφυλους (ος  ον)
    divided into 4 tribes
  57. ἀπαλλαξας (ἀπαλλάσσω)
    having got rid of
  58. ἐξευρων (ἐξευρισκω)
    having invented
  59. ἐπιχωριων (ος  α  ον)
    native to the country
  60. τον λευστῆρα
    a stone-thrower
  61. ἐπαγαγεσθαι (ἐπαγω)
    to bring in [as ally]
  62. ἐν τῳ ἰσχυροτατῳ
    in the strongest, most secure [place]
  63. μεγαλωστι
    • adv
    • hugely, magnificently
  64. ὁ θυγατριδεος
    maternal grandson
  65. ἐγεραιρον (γεραίρω)
    they were honouring
  66. (68)
    he made a laughing stock
  67. του ὀνου
    ass, donkey
  68. του χοιρου
    young pig
  69. μετατιθεις ἀυτα τα τελευταια
    having changed the endings
  70. λογον σφι δοντες
    talking together
  71. ὑπεριδων (ὑπερειδον)
    despising, overlooking
  72. τον ὁμωνυμον
    the namesake
  73. ἀπωσμενον (ἀπωθέω)
    having been rejected, disdained, pushed away, banished
  74. μετωνομασε (μετονομάζω)
    it was called by a new name
  75. δεκαχα
    • adv
    • in ten parts
  76. τους φυλαρκους
    tribe chieftains
  77. προσθεμενος (προστιθημι)
    Med: having joined with, added to
  78. των ἀντιστασιωτεων
    the opposing factions
  79. ἐναγεας (ης  ες)
  80. ἐπιλεγων (ἐπιλεγω)
    calling by name
  81. της διδαχης
    the teaching
  82. μετειχε (μετεχω)
    he/it shared in
  83. ἐκομησε (κομεω) ἐπι τυραννιδι
    he aimed at the tyrants
  84. ἀνιστασι (ἀνιστημι)
    they raised [them] up
  85. ὑπεγγυους (ος  ον)
    under surety, reassurance

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