CCR-093 Ch 3 Key terms

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  1. Critical Thinking
    Involves reacting to what you are reading, evaluating and responding to authors ideas.
  2. Purpose
    • is to entertain, to educate, advocate for particular cause, or to elicit a particular emotion from the reader. 
    • Determines the words used, the details provided, and the style in which it is written.
  3. Style
    A general term for the characteristics that make a piece of writing unique.
  4. Intended Audience
    is the group the writer expects to reach from his/her work.
  5. Denotation
    Is a words literal meaning.
  6. Connotation
    is the set additive meanings or associations that a word has taken on.
  7. Euphemism
    A word or phrase used to avoid unpleasant, embarrassing, or otherwise objectionable word.
  8. Doublespeak
    A type of euphemism that uses deliberately unclear or evasive language.
  9. Facts
    are objective statements of info that can be verified.

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