Morphology and Motility of MOrganisms

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  1. Prokaryotes (2)
    Eukaryotes (5)

    *viruses are neither
    Prokaryotes: Bacteria, Archaea

    Eukaryotes: Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, Helminths
  2. hay infusion (def'n, organisms)
    - a culture made from water collected from a pond, lake, stream, or puddle

    - If you look carefully and examine pond water without culturing it, you will probably find the protozoa are somewhat difficult to find because thy are not present at high density. To increase the protozoa density, make a hay infusion by putting the water in an open jar and adding cut dried grass or hay

    -Paramecium Aurelia and Vorticella (attatched to individual plant fibres).
  3. Wet Mount (def'n and needs)
    • -drop of medium containing MO placed on a slide
    • - uses HPO and OIO

    • 1. glass slide
    • 2. coverslip
  4. Hanging drop (def'n, needs the following)
    • - used for dark illumination
    • - good for microbial motility

    • 1. depression slide 
    • 2. coverslip with water droplet/ petroleum jelly and drop of culture
    • 3. microscope OIO
  5. What do you use to clean the dropper and the objective lens?
    • 1. 70% alchohol
    • 2. xylene and lens paper
  6. What are the typical locomotory structures of bacteria and
    • Bacteria uses cilia and flagella in order to
    • move. Just like bacteria, protozoans use cilia and flagella, but some of them
    • use pseudopodia or “false feet” in order to move.
  7. Discuss the principle of the use of immersion oil and xylene in microscopy
    • OIO- dead or not moving organisms
    • - skeletal striations of skeletal muscle 

    • -immersion oil helps increase the aperture,
    • brightness and resolution, of the image seen

    • - xylene is used to
    • moisten the oil that has hardened. If there is still immersion oil left in the
    • lenses, then the xylene in clean cloth to wipe of the dried oil in the lenses.
  8. True motility
    • -Pseudopodia Aurelia in Hay infusion
    • - actual modes of motility: gliding, forgetter, cork screw or bending
  9. What are the lens suitable for molds?
    - OIO (because they are not moving)
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