Book 5.72 - 88

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  1. ὑπεξεσχε (ὑπεξεχω)
    he withdrew
  2. ἀγηλατεει (ἀγηλατέω)
    he drove out the curse
  3. τα ἐπιστια
  4. ἐνεχειριζε (ἐγχειρίζω)
    he was putting into the hands of
  5. ὑποσπονδοι (ος  ον)
    under a truce
  6. ἡ φημη
    a prophetic voice
  7. το ἀδυτον
    the innermost sanctuary
  8. ἡ ἱερειη
    the priestess
  9. τῃ κλεηδονι
    an omen
  10. κατεδησαν (καταδεω)
    they imprisoned
  11. του ληματος
    spirit, courage
  12. ἐκπεπολεμωσθαι (ἐκπολεμόω)
    to have provoked, made hostile
  13. ἀπεκορυφου (ἀποκορυφόω)
    summing up
  14. ἐπι σφεων αύτων βαλομενοι
    deliberating among themselves
  15. οὐ φραζων
    not declaring
  16. του συνθηματος
    an agreed signal
  17. ἐσινοντο (σίνομαι)
    they were harming
  18. τῃ ἀμφιβολιῃ
    in a state of attack from both sides
  19. ἐσυστερον
    • adv
    • hereafter
  20. μνημην ποιησεσθαι
    • lit: to make a memory
    • to remember to deal with(?
  21. ἐων διαφορος
    being at odds with
  22. παραλυομενου (παραλύω)
    being detached
  23. ἐπικλητοι (ἐπίκλητος  ον)
    called upon
  24. του πληθεος
    the people
  25. κατοικισαν (κατοικίζω)
    they settled
  26. ἀκλεως
    • adv
    • ingloriously
  27. τινυσθαι (τινυμαι)
    to punish
  28. τους κληρουχους
  29. των ἱπποβοτεων
    of the horse-breeders
  30. οἱ παχεες
    the men of substance, the wealthy
  31. διμνεως
    worth 2 minae
  32. ἀποτιμησαμενοι (ἀποτιμαω)
    having been valued
  33. ἀνεκρεμασιν (ἀνακρεμάννυμι)
    they were hung up on
  34. περιπεφλευσμενων (περιφλεύω)
    being scorched
  35. των λυτρων
    the ransom
  36. την δεκατην
    a tenth
  37. τεθριππον
    [chariot] with 4-horses
  38. τα προπυλαια
    the porch
  39. δαμασαντες (δαμαω)
    having subdued
  40. τοις ἐργμασιν
  41. ἀχλυοεντι (ἀχλυόεις
  42. ἐσβεσαν (σβέννυμι)
    they quenched
  43. (78)
    ἡ ἰσηγοριη
  44. σπουδαιον (ος α ον)
    quick; serious
  45. ἐθελοκακεον (ἐθελοκακέω)
    playing the coward
  46. κατεργαζεσθαι (κατεργάζομαι)
    to achieve
  47. πολυφημον (ος  ον)
    the many-voiced, the assembly
  48. ἐξενεικαντες (ἐκφερω)
    having brought before
  49. ἀγχιστα (ος  η  ον)
  50. την ἁλιην
    an assembly
  51. συνδιαφερουσι (συνδιαφέρω)
    they bear through together
  52. ἐπιλεγομενων (ἐπιλεγομαι)
  53. αἰτεουσι (αἰτέω)
    to them asking
  54. περιεφθεντων (περιέπω)
    having been treated
  55. τρηχεως
    • adv
    • sharply, roughly
  56. ἐπαρθεντες (ἐπαιρω)
    having been elated at
  57. της ἐχθρης
  58. ἀκηρυκτον (ος  ον)
  59. ἐσυραν (συρω)
    they ravaged
  60. ἐπικειμενων (ἐπίκειμαι)
    pressing upon
  61. ἐσινοντο (σίνομαι)
    they were hurting
  62. συνοισεσθαι (συμφερω)
    • fut!
    • to collect
  63. της ἐλαιης
    olive tree
  64. ταμεσθαι (τέμνω)
    το cut
  65. ἀπαξουσι (ἀπάγω)
  66. καταινεσαντες (καταινέω)
    having agreed
  67. συνεθεντο (συντιθημΙ)
    they agreed
  68. ἐδιδοσαν τε και ἐλαμβανον παρ᾽ἀλληλων
    • they were giving and taking from one another's means
    • i.e. (apparently) they were subject
  69. πηξαμενοι (πηγνυμι)
    having built
  70. τῃ ἀγνωμοσυνῃ
    with a lack of judgement/with arrogance
  71. σταδια...ὡς εἰκοσι ἀπεχει
    about twenty stades away
  72. διαφοροι (ος  ον) ἐοντες
    being at variance, in dispute
  73. ἐδηλεοντο (δηλέομαι)
    they were doing harm
  74. κερτομοισι (ος  η  ον)
  75. ἀποδεικνυμενων (ἀποδείκνυμι)
  76. αἱ ἱροργιαι
    sacred rites
  77. ἐμηνιον (μηνίω)
    they were angry
  78. ἐστερησθαι (στερέω)
    to be stolen
  79. ἀποφερειν
    to pay
  80. ἀπαιτεον (ἀπαιτέω)
    they were demanding returned
  81. ἀποσταληναι (ἀποστέλλω)
    to have been despatched
  82. ἀπο του κοινου
    from the people
  83. ἐξανασπαν (ἐξανασπάω)
    to tear away from
  84. των βαθρων
    the bases
  85. την βροντην
  86. ἀλλοφρονησαι (ἀλλοφρονέω)
    to be driven mad
  87. ἀλληλους ἀτε πολεμιους
    one another like enemies
  88. ὀλιγῳ πλευνας μιης
    to/by a few more than one
  89. ἀπαμυνασθαι (ἀπαμύνω)
    to ward off
  90. εἰξαι (εἰκω)
    to give way
  91. ἀλλῳ δε τεῳ (τις τι)
    but to someone other
  92. διατελεειν (διατελεω)
    to continue doing
  93. ἀποβεβαναι (ἀποβαινω)
    to be disembarked
  94. ὑποταμομενους (ὑποτέμνω)
    having cut off from
  95. ἀποσωθεντα (ἀποσῴζω)
    having been saved
  96. τῃσι περονῃσι
  97. ζημιωσωσι (ζημιόω)
    they should punish
  98. ἡμιολιας (ἡμιόλιος  α  ον)
  99. κατεστεωτος (καθιστημι)
    being set, established
  100. των χυτριδων
  101. το νομον λοιπον αὐτοθι
    the future practice (law) from this moment
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