Physics Chapter 3

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  1. A number with units is referred to as a __. However, because it is not enough, what else is required?

    direction and magnitude
  2. What is the magnitude?

    A quantity that is specified by both a magnitude and direction is called a __.
    the distance covered

  3. The magnitude of a velocity vector is its __, and its direction is the __.
    • speed
    • direction of motion
  4. In general, to find the components of a vector, we need to __. In two dimensions, we choose an _, and a __ for both the x and y axes.
    set up a coordinate system


    positive direction
  5. What is the rule for adding vectors?
    To add the vectors A and B, place the tail of B at the head of A. The sum, C=A+B is the vector extending from the tail of A to the head of B
  6. The sum of vectors is __ of the order in which the vectors are added
  7. The negative of a vector is represented by an __. That is, __.
    arrow of the same length as the original vector, but pointing in the opposite direction

    multiplying a vector by minus one reverses its direction
  8. Describe unit vectors.
    defined to be dimensionless vectors of unit magnitude pointing in the positive x and y directions, respectively
  9. Explain multiplying vectors
    +x --> increases the magnitude by a factor of x and maintains the direction of the vector

    -x --> increases the magnitude by a factor of x and changes the direction of the vector
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