Sociology chp.2 (1)

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  1. What examines human behavior
    Social research
  2. careful data collection and measurement, appropriate generalizations
    Scientific method
  3. an important source said so
  4. We’ve always done it that way
  5. Is guided by rules and procedures
    Social Research
  6. Involves the objective gathering of data
    Social Research
  7. Creates new knowledge, exposes myths, explains why people behave the way they do, affects social policies, sharpens critical thinking skills.
    Sociological Research
  8. What are the bases of knowledge?
    Tradition, Authority, Scientific Method
  9. a research process that includes careful data collection, exact measurement, accurate recording and analysis of findings, thoughtful interpretation of the results, and appropriate generalizations
    Scientific Method
  10. An abstract idea, mental image or general notion that represents some aspect of our lives
  11. A characteristic that can change in value or magnitude under different conditions
  12. Statement of a relationship between two or more variables that will be tested in a study
  13. Determines or has an effect
    Independent variable
  14. The outcome
    Dependent variable
  15. Research results should have:
    Reliability and Validity
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