Government General Terms

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  1. Citizen
    An active and informed member of a community with a government and laws
  2. Government
    People/ Institutions with the authority to make and enforce laws/rules and manage disputes in a politically organized communty
  3. Democracy
    A government in which citizens hold power to rule and to make the laws
  4. Representative Democracy
    A government in which citizens hold power to rule and to make the laws
  5. Federal system
    A political system in which the power is shared between a national government and the states
  6. checks and balances
    A system in which each branch of government is able to limit the power of the other branches
  7. popular sovereignty
    the idea that people should have the right to rule themselves
  8. Duties
    Things we are required to do
  9. Responsibilities
    Obligations people fulfill voluntarily
  10. community
    A group of people who share the same interests or concerns
  11. Public
    Pertaining to the people in a community, or for the use of all
  12. Electorate
    The people who are eligible to vote in an election
  13. Apathy
    a lack of interest
  14. Conservatism
    in politics, the desire to maintain, or conserve, hte existing order. Conservatives value the wisdom of the past and are generally opposed to widespread reform. support smaller government and stronger military.
  15. Moderate
    Someone who does not hold political views on the far edges of the political spectrum.
  16. The Left
    "Liberal" or "progressive" views, based on the belief that people are basically good and the government has a responsibility to care for all of its citizens to some degree. Often holds to the idea that God is best left out of the government.
  17. The Right
    Conservative or regressive views. It is characterized by a belief in the natural selfish nature of humans and the view that achievement is equivalent to worth. The government should stay out of peoples affairs and not force the more productive citizens to subsidize the less productive citizens.
  18. Center
    in politics, a party following a middle course
  19. Democrat
    person who identifies with the ideals of the Democratic political party; often categorized as "liberal" or "left leaning"
  20. Republican
    person who identifies with the ideals of the Republican party; often categorized as "conservative" or "right leaning"
  21. Libertarian
    A philosophy where the basic premise is that each individual should be free to do as he or she pleases so long as it does not harm others. Individuals rights are maximized while the role of the government/state is minimized
  22. Independent
    a person who is considered not to be connected to any political party
  23. Bipartisanship
    A political situation, usually in the context of a two-party system, in which opposing political parties find common ground through compromise
  24. Political Correctness
    Avoiding expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against
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