Vocab Lists

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  1. aloof
    • adjective:
    • not involved with or friendly toward other people
  2. elite
    • noun:
    • the people who have the most wealth and status in a society

    • adjective:
    • always used before a noun
  3. wince
    • verb:
    • to have an expression on your face for a very short time which shows that you are embarrassed or in pain
  4. elude
    • verb:
    • to avoid or escape (someone or something) by bean quick, skillful, or clever

    to fail to be understood or remembered or achieved
  5. incredulous
    • adjective:
    • not able or willing to believe something
  6. contemptuous
    • adjective:
    • feeling or showing deep hatred or disapproval
  7. roguish
    • adjective:
    • showing in a playful way that you have done something wrong
  8. gallant
    • adjective:
    • showing courage, brave, large and impressive

    showing respect for women
  9. facade
    • noun:
    • front of a building

    a way of appearing that give other people a false idea of your true feelings
  10. ironic
    • adjective:
    • using words that mean the opposite of what you really think - especially in order to be funny

    strange or funny because something is different from what you expected
  11. asset
    • noun:
    • valuable person or thing

    something that is owned by a person or company
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