Book 5.97 - 111

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  1. διαβεβλημενοισι (διαβάλλω)
    • throw/carry across
    • falsely accuse, slander
    • mislead
    • (? generally being poorly disposed towards?
  2. νομιζουσι (νομίζω)
    using customarily; recognising
  3. οἰκος ῥυεσθαι
    it is right to save
  4. σφεας δυναμενους μεγα
    them being very powerful
  5. οἱα καρτα δεομενος
    • of the sort he was strongly requesting
    • in terms of his strong plea
  6. οἰκε (ἐοικα)
    it seems
  7. (98)
    το βουλευμα
    a resolution, plan
  8. ἡ ὠφελιη
    help, benefit
  9. λυπησειε (λυπέω)
    it would vex
  10. αἰχμαλωτους (ος  ον)
    taken captive by the spear
  11. την κωμην
    an unwalled village
  12. ἐπι την ὑμετερην
    to your own [home]
  13. ἀσπαστον (ος  α  ον)
    welcome, glad
  14. ἀπεδιδρησκον (ἀποδιδράσκω)
    they were running away
  15. κατα ποδας
    with all speed
  16. (ἡ) ἱππος πολλη
    a great cavalry
  17. συνδιηνεικαν (συνδιαφέρω)
    they carried/bore through with
  18. ποιευμενας Ἐφεσιους ἡγεμονας
    bringing Ephesian guides
  19. χωρίς
    • adv
    • apart from
  20. ἐρρυετο (ῥύομαι)
    he was holding
  21. (101)
    λεηλατησαι (λεηλατέω)
    to plunder
  22. καλαμιναι (ος  ον)
    made of reed
  23. πλινθιναι (ος  η  ον)
    made of brick
  24. τας ὀροφας
  25. ἐπενεμετο (ἐπινέμω)
    it was spreading/distributed
  26. ἀπολαμφθεντες (ἀπολαμβάνω)
    having taken from another; having been cut off - stopped.
  27. την ἐξηλυσιν
    an exit
  28. συνερρεον (συρρέω)
    they were flowing together, streaming
  29. το ψηγμα
  30. ἁθροιζομενοι (ἀθροίζω)
    gathering, mustering
  31. ἐξανεχωρησαν (ἐξαναχωρέω)
    they withdrew
  32. (102)
    ἐνεπρησθησαν (ἐμπίμπρημι)
    they had been burned
  33. οἱ σκηπτομενοι
    those defending/excusing themselves
  34. ἀντενεπιμπρασαν (ἀντεμπιμπρημι)
    they set fire in return
  35. οἱ ἐντος ἁλυος ποταμου νομους ἐχοντες
    those having provinces within(by?) the river Alyos
  36. συνηλιζοντο (συναλίζω)
    they gathered together
  37. τον στιβον
    a trail
  38. ἀντεταχθησαν (ἀντιτάσσω)
    they had been lined up in opposition
  39. ὀνομαστους (ος  ον)
    of good name
  40. ἐν δε δη και
    among whom
  41. ἐσκεδασθησαν (σκεδάννυμι)
    Distinguish: κεραννυμι, κεδαννυμι
    they had been scattered
  42. (103)
    ἀπολιποντες (ἀπολιμπάνω)
  43. ὑπηρχε (ὑπάρχω)
    it began
  44. προσεγενετο (προσγίγνομαι)
    it attached itself (ι.ε. it came to be (γιγνομαι) added to (προς))
  45. παρηγορεετο (παρηγορέω)
    he was addressing
  46. παγχυ
    • adv
    • wholly
  47. ἐπικειμενος (ἐπίκειμαι)
    pressing upon, being urgent
  48. ἐνηγε (ἐνάγω)
    lead into, persuade, suggest
  49. προσκατημενος (προσκάθημαι)
    stationing in front
  50. της συλλογης
    the raising/gathering of soldiers
  51. συνυφανθηναι (συνυφαίνω)
    to weave together
  52. καταπροιξονται (καταπροίξομαι)
    they will get away with it
  53. τον ὀιστον
  54. τον ἠερα
    the sky
  55. ἐκγενεσθαι (ἐκγιγνομαι)
    • to be descended from
    • OR
    • impers - to be allowed
  56. προσταξαι (προστάσσω)
    to order/assign (first/foremost(
  57. τον ἐπιτροπον
    a steward, trustee
  58. ἐξ ὑστερης
  59. λυπηρον (ος  α  ον)
    painful, distressing
  60. ποιοιμι (ποιεω)
    I might do
  61. τῳ παρα μεν παντα ὁσα περ σοι
    • everything beside/belonging to whom is as much as it is to you
    • All I have is as much yours as it is mine
  62. ἀξιευμαι (ἀξιόω)
    I am (thought) worthy
  63. πεπρηχεναι βαλομενον ἐπ᾽ ἑωυτου
    to be done acting upon his own initiative
  64. τον ἱμερον
    Distinguish: το ἱματιον
    longing, desire
  65. ὑπεκινησε (ὑποκινεω)
    he/it moved gently
  66. καταρτισω (καταρτίζω)
    I may restore, get ready
  67. ἐγχειριθετον (ος  ον)
    put in one's hands
  68. παραδω (παραδιδωμι)
    I may deliver/ hand over
  69. ἐπομνυμι
    I swear
  70. δασμοφορον (ος  ον)
  71. διεβαλλε (διαβαλλω)
    • slander
    • OR
    • deceive!
  72. μεμετιμενος (μεθίημι)
    having been released
  73. προσδοκιμον (ος  ον)
    expected, looked for
  74. αἱ Κληιδες
    the Keys
  75. την αἱρεσιν
    Cf αἱρεω
    the choice (a taking, a choosing)
  76. κατ᾽ ὑμεας
    it concerns you
  77. ἐταχθημεν (τάσσω)
    we were ordered
  78. ἐπασχετε (πασχω)
    you suffered
  79. ἀπολεξαντες (ἀπολέγω)
    having chosen
  80. ἠλαυνε (ἐλαυνω)
    NB this means 'drive' but can also mean 'ride'
  81. ἱστασθαι ὀρθον
    to rear up
  82. ὁ ὑπασπιστης
  83. γενος Καρ
    of the Carian race
  84. του ληματος
    of courage
  85. ποσι και στοματι κατεργαζεσθαι
    kick and bite to death
  86. πληξαι (πλήσσω)
    to strike
  87. ὁ ὀπεων
  88. προσφερεστερον (προσφερής  ες)
    more serviceable
  89. προσφερεσθαι (προσφερω)
    to be attacked (lit. 'to be borne towards')
  90. ἡμισεα συμφορη
    half a disaster
  91. ἀξιοχρεου (ως εων)
    noble, worthy
  92. τας ὑπηρετας
  93. ὑποδεκομαι
    I promise (I undertake)
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