Religion Second Quiz-- 10 commandments and 1st book of Genesis (The fall)

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  1. Angels
    • Created holy 
    • Good and evil
  2. Good angels
    serve us and God
  3. Evil angels
    • Demons, Devil
    • Hate god and seek to destroy him
  4. Satan
    Fell from heaven because he wanted to be like God
  5. The providence of God
    He actively takes care of the world
  6. Deist
    Person who created the world but has nothing to do with it
  7. Summary of God's law standard
    You shall be holy for I am holy
  8. 1st commandment
    You shall have no other god
  9. 1st table of commandments
    1-3 responsibility to God (praise, pray, etc..
  10. 2nd table of commandments
    Responsibility to neighbors
  11. 2nd commandment
    You shall not misuse the God's name

    Don't curse, swear, satanic symbols, lie, deceive, by his name

    Vlasphemy/ Blasphemous
  12. 3rd commandment
    Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy

    Don't despise his preaching, word but savor it
  13. 4th commandment
    Honor thy father and mother 

    Don't despise or anger figures of authority but cherish them.

    "First commandment with a promise"
  14. 5th commandment
    Shall not murder 

    Don't hurt or harm thy neighbor but help and support 

    Bans abortion, murder, suicide, etc..
  15. 6th Commandment
    Not commit adultery 

    So we lead a sexually pure and decent life in what we say and do, husband and wife honor each other 

  16. 7th commandment
    You shall not steal

    Don't take our neighbors money, possessions or obtain in dishonest way but help them protect them
  17. 8th commandment
    Don't give false testimony against your neighbor

     Lies, betray, slander or ruin his reputation but defend, speak is honest and well of him
  18. 9th commandment
    You shall not covet your neighbors house 

    Don't scheme, or obtain in dishonest way but be a service to him to keep
  19. 9th and 10th commandment
    Be contend with what god gives you
  20. 10th commandment
    You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.
  21. Disobedience
    = death
  22. enmity
    the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.
  23. "he should bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel"
    First Gospel promise
  24. Women punishment
  25. Men punishment
  26. The fall
    The tree of knowledge of good and evil
  27. Eve
    • was mother of all living things 
    •  God cloth them with animals---. DEATH
  28. 1st Gospel promise- Satan

    • - Children of devils-- UNBELIEVERS
    • -Satan should be crush (foreshadow)
  29. 1st Gospel promise- Eve
    • - Christ shall be bruise 
    • - The believing descendants of Eve(many
  30. The anointed one- Messiah
    • Title 
    • Hebrew word
    • the people of the old testament look forward to his coming
  31. The anointed one- Christ
    • Title 
    • Greek 
    • Has come in the person of Jesus
  32. 1st born and 2nd
    Cain and Abel
  33. Inherited original sin
    • a. brought condemnation and guilt
    • b. Blind to fear and love of God
    • c. Causes actual sin
  34. Actual sins
    • Sins of commission 
    • Sins of omission
  35. Sins of commissions
    The desire as it is pass and grows
  36. Sins of omission
    You know the right thing but fail to do it
  37. Hamartia
  38. Justified
    Declare righteous (holy)
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