6th grade religion - chapter 2 test

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  1. Covenant
    an agreement between God and his people
  2. Biblical writers used ________________ to tell a realistic story and give the deeper meaning of the story.
  3. free will
    freedom and ability to choose
  4. _________________ is the source of all life.
  5. Why is Genesis the appropriate name for the first book of the Bible?
    Because Genesis means "beginning"
  6. What is a truth the first creation story reveals to us?
    • It reveals the one true God - he is unique
    • There is no other God
    • He is a personal God - not an object or idea
  7. God has many attributes (qualities) found in the FIRST account of creation in Genesis - list them:
    • 1) Eternal - will always be, changeless, timeless
    • 2) All-powerful - can do anything, God is perfect
    • 3) All-knowing - God knows everything, but we are still allowed to choose and act freely
    • 4) Ever-present - God is everywhere at all times
  8. human dignity
    value and worth that come from being made in God's image and likeness
  9. Because we were created in the image and likeness of God, what responsibilities do we have?
    • 1) respect and care for all that God has given us
    • 2) make good choices
    • 3) act in the image of our Creator
  10. Facts about the Vatican Observatory
    • 1) one of the oldest astronomical institutes - founded in 1582
    • 2) Two research centers - Italy and Arizona
    • 3) Arizona center - first optical-infrared telescope to be used to study light at the farthest points in the universe
    • 4) Italy center - has a unique collection of meteorites used to study the history of the solar system
  11. Studying _________________ is a way to grow closer to God by appreciating the wonders of God's creation.
  12. Of all creatures created by God, humans alone were created with _________________, the freedom and ability to choose, and with __________________, the ability to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.
    free will and conscience
  13. Each one of us is a unique person who possesses _____________________, the value that comes from being made in God's image and likeness.
    human dignity
  14. The first book of the Bible, ___________________, contains two accounts of creation.
    The Book of Genesis
  15. St Francis of Assisi facts:
    • 1) Special ceremony is held on his feast day around Oct 4 each year
    • 2) Parishioners take their animals to church for a procession or blessing
    • 3) He believed that humanity was connected to all of God's creation in a brotherhood
    • 4) Patron Saint of animals and ecology (study of the relationship between living things and their environment)
  16. conscience
    the ability to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong
  17. Catholics believe that all life is a gift from God and that human life is sacred or holy.  All people should be treated with respect.  We are called to value and protect our own lives and the lives of others by:
    • 1) taking proper care of our bodies, minds, and souls
    • 2) not act in ways that might harm ourselves or others
    • 3) care for those who need help (in poverty, homeless, sick)
    • 4) support laws that protect those who cannot protect themselves
  18. Human beings are created in God's _______________ and __________________.
    image and likeness
  19. God created the universe and all living things, but only _______________ were created in his image and likeness.
    human beings
  20. Both males and females are created in God's image and are equals even though they are physically different. Both males and females share in God's friendship.    TRUE OR FALSE
  21. ______________ alone are the only living creatures God created with free will and a conscience.
  22. Humans are able and called to love, think, and form relationships and love our Creator and accept God's love and to love others and to live in his friendship.   TRUE OR FALSE
  23. How many accounts of creation are found in the Book of Genesis?
  24. Unlike the Israelites that worshiped the true God and Creator, other ancient people and some people still today worshiped and still worship false gods that have opposite attributes from our God and Creator. The false gods had the attributes of humans.  TRUE OR FALSE
  25. The first creation tells us so much that we need to know about God.  However, we will only have full and complete knowledge of God in eternal life.   TRUE OR FALSE
  26. God is the source of all ______________.
  27. The first account of creation in Genesis is in which chapters?
    Genesis 1:1-2:4
  28. The first account of creation tells us about creation, but also about ____________.
  29. Some ancient people believed in ____________ gods that were nothing like the one true God.     TRUE OR FALSE
  30. God is the supreme being who creates all life and keeps it in existence.   TRUE OR FALSE
  31. There are references throughout the entire Bible to God being the Creator.   TRUE OR FALSE
  32. The history of God and his people covers _________________ of years.  It is recorded in the ________________.
    thousands              Bible
  33. Each story or period in the Bible connects in a special way to the _________________.
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