Aspects of social gerontology

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  1. What is gerontology?
    study of the biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging
  2. What is multidisciplinary?
    studied or focused on multiple fronts
  3. What is interdisciplinary?
    we learn from the other fields and add that knowledge to gerontology
  4. What is successful aging?
    aging without financial, mental, and social issues
  5. What is resilient aging?
    how we deal with changes in later life
  6. How does social class influence health?
    low class leads to feeling older and less healthy sooner, high class leads to feeling younger and more healthy later in life
  7. What are cohort effects?
    effects that occur as a result of cohorts moving through time
  8. What is ageism?
    systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old
  9. What is institutional ageism?
    institutions set up in a difficult manner for older people (ex: churches, homes, schools)
  10. What is new ageism?
    tendency to jump in and assist, thinking we are helping, when the older person was doing just fine
  11. How does the media perpetuate ageism?
    tv shows, advertising (promotes misunderstanding of the meaning of aging), print media, film, and internet
  12. Who is more diverse in society?
    older adults
  13. How are older americans in health, marriage, income, and education?
    most in pretty good health, men tend to remarry more than women, 85+ more likely to be impoverished and be single women, about half have graduated  from high school or pursued college
  14. What are some examples of careers in social gerontology?
    direct service provision, program planning and evaluation, administration, and marketing and product development
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