Mission of Jesus Christ Chapter 2

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  1. theology
    the study of God or of religious faith and practice based on Divine Revelation to help better understand who God is
  2. religious truth
    the truth that comes from what God has revealed in divine and natural ways
  3. Sheol
    in ancient Hebrew cosmology this was the underworld, the dwelling place of the dead
  4. theophany
    God revealing himself to humans through nature, or a visible appearance of God
  5. anthropomorphic
    described as attributing human characteristics to an object or human who is not human
  6. polytheistic
    believing in many gods
  7. monotheistic
    believing in one God
  8. protoevangelium
    refers to the passage in Genesis describing God's words to the serpent and woman and literally means first Gospel
  9. covenant
    a sacred agreement or treaty between God and persons or a people, such as Israel, that involves agreed-upon commitments and guarantees on both parties
  10. Saint Irenaeus
    • speaks of the work of the Trinity in the creation of the world
    • "There exists but one God . . . he is the Father, God, the Creator, the author, the giver of order. He made all things by himself, that is, by his Word and by his ' Wisdom', 'by the Son and the Spirit' who, so to speak, are 'his hands'. Creation is the common work of the Holy Trinity"
  11. New Adam
    • Jesus Christ 
    • The offspring of women will strike at the head of the serpent, the offspring of the serpent will strike at the heel; the offspring of the women will overcome the serpent 
    • Fulfilled through Jesus through his Paschal Mystery when he gained salvation for all 
    • Jesus opens the gate to Heaven that Adam closed
  12. New Eve
    • Mary, the mother of Christ
    • the serpent represents the devil and all that is evil; prefigures the battle between light and darkness
    • God places mutual distrust between woman, the serpent and their offspring, Mary the New Eve is seen to be this woman.
  13. Job
    a man that God rewards because of his faithfulness even after suffering (see 2.4 Study Guide)
  14. Saint Thomas Aquinas
    • greatest minds of Western civilization as a theologian, philosopher, and Saint 
    • angels are pure spirit having no body and no material form. They are separate and unique creations of God, not souls of dead humans.
    • Sometimes they assume physical appearance of humans 
    • Main role is to lead people to God. God's messengers not divine in, and of themselves.
    • Highest Rank- Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones
    • Middle Rank- Dominations, Virtues and Powers
    • Lowest Rank- Principalities, Archangels and Angels 
    • Every human has a guardian angel during their lifetime 
    • 20 books on spiritual matter
  15. Cain
    • farmer
    • murders his brother able out of envy (they both made offerings to God and God took more favor to Able's)
    • God showed mercy on him and protects him from the revenge and retailiation Cain fears may come
  16. Able
    • shepherd 
    • killed by his brother Cain when God favors his offering more
  17. Noah
    • A good man in an evil world 
    • His story emphasizes God's mercy
    • God makes covenant with Noah to never destroy the world again in the form of a flood
    • Restores his blessing for all people and living things that he (God) made at Creation
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