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  1. amenity
    useful or pleasant facility or service
  2. condone
    to forgive or disregard; to ignore
  3. dank
    uncomfortably humid
  4. deplorable
    worthy of severe condemnation or reproach
  5. ennui
    dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest
  6. grotesque
    outlandish or bizarre in character or appearance
  7. indolent
    habitually lazy
  8. lacerated
    having been ripped, cut or torn
  9. opaque
    impenetrable by light
  10. palpable
    capable of being handled or touched
  11. placid
    undisturbed by disorder or tumult
  12. sallow
    of a sickly yellowish complexion due to health problems
  13. solicitous
    expressing care or concern
  14. scruple
    an uneasy feeling from the conscience that tends to hinder action
  15. uncanny
    peculiarly unsettling
  16. venerable
    commands respect by virtue of age, position, dignity and character
  17. zealous
    filled with motivation
  18. abstinence
    the voluntary act of going without food, drink, or other pleasures
  19. adulation
    excessive or intense adoration
  20. asylum
    a place of rest or safety. An institution for the care of the mentally ill, aged or poor
  21. benevolent
    enjoying helping others. Warm or friendly personality
  22. circuitous
    being or taking a lengthy course; taking a lengthy alternative
  23. clairvoyant
    having the supposed power to see things that cannot be perceived by the senses
  24. convergent
    multiple paths or lines moving toward the same point. Having a finite limit
  25. ephemeral
    lasting a short amount of time
  26. exasperation
    a state of frustration or annoyance
  27. fortuitous
    happening by accident of chance
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