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  1. Leather hard
    clay is partly dried ( almost all the moisture is gone) Clay can't be bent but it can be carved into(scraffito)
  2. Bisque ware
    clay that has been fired for the first time making it easier to handle
  3. burnished
    smoothing the outside area of pottery to make it shine by using an old spoon or a burnishing stone
  4. coiling
    a hand method of rolling clay and building up a piece of pottery
  5. glaze
    a coating of ground minerals applied to bisue fired clay to give the surface a finish
  6. kiln
    a funace or oven where clay projects are fired at high temperatures to turn the clay into a hard material
  7. slab construction
    hand building method of flat pieces of clay jointed together
  8. slip
    clay in liquid form (clay and water) used to "glue" scored clay pieces together
  9. wedging
    kneading the clay with fingers and heels of hands in a rocking motion to force out air bubbles
  10. firing
    clay pieces are put in a kiln and fired(baked) in order to harden the clay
  11. score
    to cut/draw on the clay to join 2 pieces of clay together by scratching or scoring XXXX
  12. Greenware
    a clay project before it has been fired. it must be completely dry before it can be fired; extremely fragile
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