Parts of the Brain paper

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  1. The brain:

    Composes 2% of body weight

    Receives 15% of the cardiac output.

    Consumes 20% of he body's oxygen in the basal state.
  2. Basal state:
    Denoting a standard of a reference state of function for comparison.
  3. Cerebrum

    Is what?

    3 main functions include:
    the main portion of the brain.

    1. motor area, governs muscle movement

    2. sensory area

    3. association area, involves emotional and intellectual response.
  4. Cerebellum


    Located: in the back of the brain connected to the brainstem.

    Controls: certain unconscious movements of the body. For example: coordination, maintaining posture and balance.
  5. Brainstem


    Connects: the cerebral hemisphere with the spinal cord.

    Controls: vital functions of the body, such as, heart, respiration, function, muscle movements, vital organs, and interpretation of certain impulses.
  6. Pons

    Is part:

    Does what:1 + 11
    Is part of the brainstem.

    Relays signals from the forebrain to the cerebellum.

    • 1.) sleep
    • 2.) respiration
    • 3.)swallowing
    • 4.) bladder control
    • 5.) hearing
    • 6.) equilibrium
    • 7.) taste
    • 8.) eye movement
    • 9.) facial expression
    • 10.) facial sensation
    • 11.) posture
  7. What are the 4 Lobes of the brain and what each one does?
    • 1.) Frontal Lobe- motor and speech
    • 2.) Temporal Lobe- Auditory/hearing
    • 3.) Parietal Lobe- Taste and Association
    • 4.) Occipital Lobe- Visual
  8. What 4 vessels supply the brain directly?
    Supplied by:

    • The 2 ICAs
    • The 2 Vertebrals
  9. What 2 vessels do not supply blood to the brain?

    The 2 ECA's

    But several of the ECA's branches can be important collateral pathways if occlusion occurs in the ICA's or vertebral arteries.
  10. What 2 vessels supply the posterior circulation mostly?
    The two Vertebral A.
  11. How many people suffer from stroke annually in the United States?
    700,000 people
  12. What is the leading cause of permanent disability?
  13. What is the percent of blood that flows through the ICA's?

    What is the percent of blood that flows through the ECA's?
    75% through ICA's

    25% through ECA's
  14. What is the approved therapy for Stroke?
    systemic tissue plasminogen activator (TPA)
  15. How soon should systemic tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) be used?
    Needs to initiate by 3 hours after onset of symptoms of stroke.
  16. What type of strokes cannot be seen on sonograms?
    Lacunar strokes
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