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  1. What is a Base Class or Superclass?
    The parent class in an inheritance hierarchy.
  2. What is a Subclass or Derived Class?
    The child classes in a inheritance hierarchy
  3. To display an object, we use what method of the class?
    • ToString.
    • Usually the default toString is overridden using a return statement.
  4. How would you derive a subclass from a superclass?
    public class subclass extends superclass.
  5. What is the default constructor?
    typically the constructor with no arguments.
  6. When defining a constructor for a subclass, what keyword invokes the constructor of the superclass?
    • Super.
    • i.e. super (arguments from the superclass constructor)
  7. A method defined in a derived class is referred to as a _____ and the it invokes from a superclass is called a ______.
    Caller and Callee.
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