Chapter 2 Review Verbos y espresiones verbales

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  1. aprender
    to learn
  2. asistir a
    to attend
  3. beber
    to drink
  4. buscar
    to look for
  5. cenar
    to have dinner
  6. comer
    to eat
  7. comprar
    to buy
  8. desayunar
    to have breakfast
  9. comprender
    to understand
  10. enviar
    to send
  11. escribir
    to write
  12. escuchar
    to listen to
  13. estudiar
    to study
  14. hablar
    to talk
  15. hacer
    to do/make
  16. hay
    there is, there are
  17. imprimir
    to print
  18. ir
    to go
  19. leer
    to read
  20. llagar
    to arrive
  21. mandar
    to send
  22. navegar por la red
    to surf the web
  23. practicar
    to practice
  24. perparar
    to prepare
  25. regresar
    to return, to go back
  26. salir
    to go out
  27. ser
    to be
  28. tomar (apuntes)
    to take (notes)
  29. trabajar
    to work
  30. usar
    to use
  31. vivir
    to live
  32. sacar una nota
    to get a grade
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