science vocabulary

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  1. What is a hypothesis?
    Explanations for a question or a problem that can be formally tested. It must be falsifiable though.
  2. What is a prediction?
    It is an educated guess on what the outcome of an experiment or test might be. Key words are IF and THEN.
  3. What is a variable?
    Something that can be changed or manipulated during an experiment. it can also represent an unknown quantity.
  4. What is an independent (manipulated) variable?
    In an experiment, the condition that is changed because it affects the outcome the experiment.
  5. What is a dependent (responding) variable?
    In an experiment, the condition that results from changes in the independent variable.
  6. What is a control group?
    In an experiment, the standard in which all the conditions were kept the same.
  7. What is an experimental group?
    A group that does all the scientific experimental procedures in an experiment or test.
  8. What is an Experimental constants?
    Experimental constants are values which never change or are not changed during an experiment or calculation.
  9. What are trials?
    Trials are how many times an experiment is conducted or initiated.
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