Book 6.29 - 45

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  1. ἀναιρεεται (ἀναιρεω)
    he took upon himself, undertook
  2. συγκεντηθησεσθαι (συγκεντέω)
    to be stabbed at once
  3. καταμηνυει (καταμηνύω)
    he made known
  4. ἀχθη
  5. ἀπηκε (ἀφίημι)
    he discharged, forgave
  6. ἀνεσταυρωσαν (ἀνασταυρόω)
    they impaled
  7. ταριχευσαντες (ταριχεύω)
    having embalmed
  8. λουσαντας (λουω)
    having washed
  9. (31)
    χειμερισας (χειμερίζω)
    having passed the winter
  10. ἐσαγηνευον (σαγηνεύω)
    they were surrounding and 'netting'
  11. της βορηιης (ειος  α  ον)
    from the northern
  12. την νοτιην
    the southern (far from the sea)
  13. διηκουσι (διήκω)
    they extend
  14. ἐκθηρευοντες (ἐκθηρεύω)
    hunting out
  15. εὐειδεστατους (ος  η  ον)
    most handsome
  16. ἐνορχεας (ος  ον)
    uncastrated, whole
  17. ἐπεξης/ἐφεξῆς
    • adv
    • in a row
  18. καταλεχθεισας  (καταλεγω)
    having been mentioned
  19. κατεσυραν (κατασύρω)
    they destroyed, pulled down
  20. ἀρχην
    at first, at all
  21. πιεσθεντες (πιεζω)
    having been crushed
  22. ἀνειλε (ἀναιρεω)
    she answered [lit 'took up' but not for oracles]
  23. την οἰκιστην
    a founder
  24. την καταγωγην
  25. ἀχθομενον (ἄχθομαι)
    being pained, burdened
  26. ἀναραιρηκως (ἀναιρέω)
    being a winner [again, lit 'took up' but not in Med]
  27. παραλαβων Ἀθηναιων
    having recruited from the Athenians
  28. ἐσω
    to the interior, within
  29. τον ἀυχενα
    the throat
  30. ὠσαμενος (ὠθέω)
    having pushed
  31. (37)
    λοχησαντες (λοχάω)
    having lain in wait
  32. Κροισῳ τῳ Λυδῳ ἐν γνωμῃ γεγονως
    being in Kroisos the Lydian's regard/good opinion
  33. του πιτυος
    of a pine tree
  34. τον βλαστον
    a shoot/root
  35. πανωλεθρος (ος  ον)
    utterly destroyed
  36. το γυμνικον
  37. πληγεντα (πλήσσω)
    having been struck
  38. τῃ πελεκει
    with an axe
  39. ἀυτομολου (ος  ον)
  40. ὑποθερμοτερου (ος  ον)
    too passionate/hasty
  41. καταλαμψομενον (καταλαμβάνω)
    about to seize
  42. συνειδοτες (συνοιδα)
    sharing in knowledge, being an accomplice
  43. οἱ δυναστευοντες
    those holding power
  44. συλλυπηθησομενοι (συλλυπέω)
    about to show sympathy with
  45. των βοσκων
  46. των κατεχοντων πραγατων
    the present difficulties
  47. χαλεπωτερα (oς  α  ον
    more difficult
  48. ἐρεθισθεντες (ἐρεθίζω)
    having been angered
  49. συνεστραφησαν (συστρέφω)
    they united
  50. (41)
    του Μελανος κολπου
    the Black bay
  51. ἀπεδεξατο (ἀποδεικνυμι)
    he declared
  52. την σχεδιην
    the boat-bridge
  53. κεκοσμεαται (κοσμέω)
    who were classed as
  54. (42)
    οὐδεν ἐπι πλεον
    nothing further
  55. τας συνθηκας
    treaties, agreements
  56. δωσιδικοι (ος  ον)
  57. διατελεουσι (διατελέω)
    they continue doing
  58. εἰρηναια (ος  α  ον)
  59. (43)
    καταλελυμενων (καταλύω)
    being put down/deposed
  60. κατιστα (καθίστημι)
    he was establishing (3simpf)
  61. ἠπειγετο (ἐπείγω)
    he was pressing on, hurrying
  62. (44)
    το προσχημα
    the ostensible reason [lit 'that which is held forth]
  63. ὁσας πλειστας
    • as many as possible
    • ['as many as is the largest']
  64. χειρας ἀνταειραμενους (ἀνταείρω)
    having raised their hands against
  65. προς τοισι ὑπαρχουσι
    in addition to those already
  66. ἐντος +gen
    • NB
    • means 'within' but can also be 'on this side of'
  67. βορης ἀνεμος μεγας τε και ἀπορος
    a great and irresistible north wind
  68. περιεσπε (περιέπω)
    it treated
  69. θηριωδεστατης (ης  ες)
    totally infested with wild beasts
  70. ἁρπαζομενοι (ἁρπαζω) ὑπο των θηριων
    being seized, carried off by wild beasts
  71. τῃ ῥιγει
  72. (45)
    ἀπανεστη (ἀπανίστημι)
    he departed
  73. προσπταισας (προσπταίω)
    having struck
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