Cápitulo 16 Verbos

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  1. adelgazar
    to loose weight
  2. advertir (ie) (de)
    to notice, to warn
  3. aumentar
    to increase
  4. caerse
    to fall
  5. cansarse
    to get tired
  6. cuidarse
    to take care of oneself
  7. dejar de
    to stop doing something
  8. descansar
    to rest
  9. desmayarse
    to faint
  10. doler
    to hurt
  11. enfermarse
    to get sick
  12. engordar
    to gain weight
  13. estirarse
    to stretch
  14. evitar
    to avoid
  15. fumar
    to smoke
  16. lesionarse
    to get hurt, to get injured
  17. marearse
    to get dizzy
  18. medir (i)
    to measure
  19. operar
    to operate on
  20. operarse (de)
    to have surgery
  21. padecer (zc)
    to suffer
  22. pesar
    to weigh
  23. picar
    to itch, to sting
  24. prevenir
    to prevent
  25. quemarse
    to get burned
  26. recetar
    to prescribe
  27. tumbarse
    to lie down
  28. resfriarse
    to get a cold
  29. romperse (algo)
    to break (something)
  30. sudar
    to sweat
  31. toser
    to cough
  32. vomitar
    to vomit
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