A&P Difficult Questions

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  1. uniport
    transports substance one way
  2. symport?
    transports two substances one way
  3. antiport?
    transports one substance one way and another substance the other way
  4. function of SER?
    makes lipids, cholesterol, detoxifies alcohol
  5. function of Golgi?
    adds lipid side groups to proteins, directs processed proteins to their appropriate destination
  6. dominance?
    the allele that is expressed in the heterogeneous state
  7. co-dominance?
    two different alleles are fully expressed
  8. incomplete dominace?
    a conditions in which the expressed trait appears to be somewhere between the dominant and recessive alleles (has various causes)
  9. polygenic?
    several genes controlling one trait
  10. pleiotrophy?
    one gene controlling several traits
  11. chromosomes?
    on paternal, one maternal, that contain the same genes
  12. alleles?
    homologous genes, may be identical or may express variations in their trait
  13. homozygous?
    alleles are identical
  14. heterozygous?
    alleles are different
  15. isomer?
    molecules that have the same formula (same number and types of constituents) but have different structures
  16. ion?
    an atom that has gained or lost an electron
  17. isotope?
    forms of the same atom, differing in their number of neutrons
  18. polar molecule?
    a covalently bonded molecule with unequal sharing of the pair of electrons, creating small positive and negative charges at opposite ends of the molecule
  19. dehydration?
    forms bonds by removing a water molecule from the substrates
  20. hydrolysis?
    breaks bonds by adding the ions of water to the products
  21. electronegavitivty?
    the ability of an atom to attract additional electrons
  22. one molar solution?
    one molecular weight of a solute in grams dissolved in one liter of water
  23. pumps?
    trans membrane protein channels that move substances AGAINST their concentration gradient, channels that require energy
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