Lesson 3 Anatomy

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  1. -Stretches across the space between the greater cornu of the hyoid and lateral thyroid cartilage
    -Membrane thickens medially and laterally
    -Triticeal cartilage is embedded in lateral thyrohyoid ligament
    Thryohyoid Membrane
  2. Ligaments: _______ Membrane

    -Forms the support structure for the cavity of the larynx as well as the vocal folds themselves
    Fibroelastic Membrane
  3. Ligaments: Parts of the Fibroelastic Membrane

    -Arepiglottic Folds and Vestibular fold/False vocal fold
    Quadrangular Membranes
  4. Ligaments: Parts of the Fibroelastic Membrane

    Vocal Ligament (upward extension of the ___ ____)
    Conus elasticus
  5. Laryngeal Membranes: 

    -Runs from the arytenoids to the epiglottis and thyroid cartilage
    -Free in the superior and inferior margins, but attaches to the arytenoid cartilage and epiglottis
    Quadrangular Membrane
  6. Quadrangular membranes: 

    -the free superior margins form the ____ folds
  7. Quadrangular membranes:

    -The free inferior margins form the _____ fold (the false vocal folds)
    vestibular fold
  8. Laryngeal Membranes:

    -Run from the side of the epiglottis to the arytenoid apex
    -Forms the upper margin of quadrangular membrane
    aryepiglottic folds
  9. Laryngeal Membranes:

    -can also be called cricothyroid membrane

    -elastic portion of the larynx that connects the cricoid with thyroid and arytenoid cartilage

    -the upward free extension of the ___ ____ form the vocal ligament (true vocal fold)
    Conus elasticus
  10. Laryngeal Ligament:

    -Upper portion of the conus elasticus

    -Two strong bands enclosed within the vocal folds

    -Attaches at the front angle of the thyroid cartilage and extends to the vocal process of the arytenoid
    Vocal Ligament
  11. Laryngeal Ligaments:

    -Connects lower border of cricoid cartilage with upper border of the first tracheal ring
    Cricotracheal Ligament
  12. Laryngeal Ligaments:

    -Connects epiglottis to the interior portion of the thyroid cartilage, near the thyroid notch
    Thyroepiglottic Ligament
  13. The Laryngeal cavity is composed of (All Virgins Lie Greatly)
    • -Aditus
    • -Vestibule
    • -Laryngeal Ventricle
    • -Glottis
  14. Laryngeal Cavity:

    -Entrance to the larynx from the pharynx above
  15. Laryngeal Cavity:

    -Cavity between the aditus and the ventricular folds (false vocal folds)
  16. Laryngeal Cavity:

    -Space between margins of false vocal folds and true vocal folds
    Laryngeal Ventricle
  17. Laryngeal Cavity:

    Space between the vocal folds inferior to the ventricle and superior to the conus elasticus
  18. Laryngeal Cavity:

    -Most important laryngeal space for speech
    -____ area is variable depending on the configuration of the vocal folds
  19. Vocal Folds:

    - Combines free edge of conus elasticus and the vocalis muscle
    -Vibrate to produce sound
    -White in appearance due to lack of vascular supply
    True Vocal Folds
  20. Vocal Folds:

    -Combination of the ventricular ligament and overlying epithelial tissue
    -Do NOT vibrate to produce sound
    False Vocal Folds (Ventricular Folds)
  21. 5 Layers of the Vocal fold Structure:
    • -Epithelium
    • -Lamina Propria
    •    -Superficial Lamina Propria (highly elastic)
    •    -Intermediate Lamina Propria (elastin fibers)
    •    -Deep Lamina Propria (collagen fibers)
    • -Thyroarytenoid Muscle
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