Lesson 3 Anatomy

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  1. Joints of the Larynx
    • -Cricothyroid joint
    • -Cricoarytenoid joint
  2. Joint of the Larynx:

    -Junction of the cricoid cartilage and inferior cornu of the thyroid cartilage 
    -Allows for thyroid cartilage to rock down in front and allows the thyroid to glide forward and backward in relation to the cricoid
    -Allows for major adjustments in vocal pitch
    Cricothyroid Joint
  3. Joints of the Larynx:

    -Junction between the cricoid and arytenoid cartilage
    -Allow for rocking, gliding, and minimal rotation
    -Assists in approximation and abduction of the vocal folds which produces voice
    Cricoartenoid Joint
  4. -Both origin and insertion on layngeal cartilages
    -Responsible for opening, closing, and relaxing the vocal folds
    Intrinsic Laryngeal Musculature
  5. Intrinsic Laryngeal Musculature: Intrinsic Adductors

    -Responsible for bringing the vocal folds together (closure = voicing)
    • -Lateral Cricoarytenoid
    • -Transverse arytenoid
    • -Oblique arytenoid
  6. Adductors: 

    Origin: superior-lateral surface of cricoid cartilage
    Lateral Cricoarytenoid
  7. Adductors: 

    -insertion: muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage
    Lateral Cricoarytenoid Muscle
  8. Adductors: 

    Action: when contracted the artenoids are rocked inward and downward - adducting the vocal folds
    Lateral Cricoarytenoid Muscle
  9. Adductors:

    -Origin: lateral margin of the posterior surface of one arytenoid
    Transverse Arytenoid Muscle
  10. Adductors:

    Insertion: corresponding surface of the other arytenoid
    Transverse Arytenoid Muscle
  11. Adductors:

    -Superficial to transverse arytenoid
    -X configuration
    Oblique Arytenoid
  12. Adductors:

    -Origin: posterior base of the muscular process of arytenoid
    oblique arytenoid
  13. Adductors:

    -Insertion: apex of the opposite arytenoid
    Oblique Arytenoid
  14. Intrinsic Laryngeal Musculature:

    -responsible for pulling the vocal folds apart
    intrinsic abductors
  15. Abductors:

    -Sole abductor of the vocal folds
    Posterior Cricoaryntenoid
  16. Abductors:

    -origin: posterior cricoid lamina
    Posterior Cricoarytenoid
  17. Abductors:

    -Insertion: posterior aspect of the muscular process of the arytenoid cartilages
    posterior cricoarytenoid
  18. Tensors (they tighten the muscles)
    • -thyrovocalis
    • -cricothyroid
  19. Tensors:

    -can also be called the vocalis
    -medial muscle of the vocal folds
  20. Tensors:

    -Origin: inner surface of the thyroid cartilage near the thyroid notch
  21. Tensors:

    -insertion: lateral surface of the arytenoid vocal process
  22. Tensors:

    -primary tensor muscle of the vocal folds
    -consists of two heads
  23. Part of the cricothyroid:

    -Insertion: Inserts into the lower surface of the thyroid lamina
    Pars Recta
  24. Part of the cricothyroid:

    -Insertion: inserts at the juncture of the thyroid laminae and inferior horns
    Pars Oblique
  25. Relaxers: 

    -can also be called muscularis
    -lateral to each thyrovocalis
  26. Relaxers:

    -Origin: inner surface of thyroid cartilage near notch and lateral to the thyrovocalic
  27. relaxers:

    -Insertion - arytenoid cartilage at the muscular process and base
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