Heart Anatomy

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    interventricular septum
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    inferior vena cava
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    left atrium
  4. Flow of blood
    • 1) Superior vena cava-inferior vena cava- and coronary sinus push blood into R atrium
    • 2) goes from R Atrium to R ventricle
    • 3) from R ventricle into pulmonary trunk
    • 4) pulmonary trunk splits into R and L pulmonary arteries
    • 5) Pulmonary arteries push blood to lungs to p/u O2
    • 6) leaves lungs heads back to heart through R and L pulmonary veins
    • 7) R and L pulmonary veins (2 each) drain into L atrium
    • 8) L atrium flow into L ventricle
    • 9) L ventricle pushes blood up ascending aorta
    • 10)through the aortic arch
    • 11) through aortic arch down descending aorta
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    interventricular septum
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    left atrium
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    left atrium
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    left bundle branch
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    left pulmonary artery
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    left atrium
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    left pulmonary vein
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    left pulmonary artery
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    left ventricle
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    left pulmonary vein
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    left ventricle
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    left ventricle
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    marginal artery
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    papillary muscle
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    papillary muscle
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    parietal pericardium
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    pectinate muscle
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    pericardial cavity
  25. Image Upload
    pectinate muscle
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    pericardial cavity
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    pulmonary semilunar valve
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    posterior interventricular artery
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    pulmonary trunk

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