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  1. What is general anaesthesia?
    A drug induced state where the CNS is altered to produce different degress of pain relief throughtout the body.

    This drug can also place the body in a state of UNCONSCIOUSNESS, skeletal muscle relaxation and absent reflexes
  2. how do anaesthetics  accomplish these kinds of responses?
    the do so by interfering with nerve conduction
  3. what are the two types of general anaesthetic??
    • 1. inhaled
    • 2.  injected
  4. The greater the solubility of the drug in fat...
    the greater the effect.
  5. Do nerve cell membranes and blood brain barrier have high lipid content?
    Yes they do.  There for anaesthetic drugs can easily cross the blood brain barrier and move into the nerve cell membranes
  6. what does the minimun alveolar concentration do(MAC)?
    MAC measures the anaesthetic potency of volatile anaesthetics
  7. OPIOIDS - are meds that relieve pain

    How do they work?
    Interfere with the perception of pain in thalamus

    Blocking of pain along the ascending pathway
  8. what is PHENANTHRENES? also another name for opiods
    phenanthrene  a tricyclic aromatic hydrocarbon occurring in coal tar; toxic and carcinogenic.

    A  colorless  crystalline  hydrocarbon  obtained  by  fractional  distillation  of  coal-tar  oils  and  used  in  drugs.
  9. what are some common drug-drug interactions that occur with antihypertensivesand general anaesthetic...
    • could lead to:
    • 1. Increased hypotensive (abnormally LOW BP) effects
    • 2. 
  10. Drug-drug interaction with general anaesthetic and beta blockers you could see...
    • increased myocardial depression
    • (
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