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  1. Hobbes State of Nature
    Everybody is equal, but without government, humans have the tendency to go to war
  2. Leviathan
    Hobbes; humans are arrogant and live in fear for their property rights
  3. Hobbes's Three Reasons for the State of Nature
    • Competition
    • Diffidence
    • Glory
  4. Competition
    people invade/conquer for self gain
  5. diffidence
    "fear" for safety; loss of property rights
  6. glory
    invade/conquer for reputation or status
  7. Hobbes' preferred government
  8. criteria for government
    a government that gives clear distinctions for private property and rule of law. It must also give peace andstability
  9. Sacrifice people must make in order to form a sovereign
    must unite to form a social contract and give up their liberties under a monarchy
  10. Social Contract
    the masses equally give up their rights with the confidence of protection against others
  11. Pros of a Monarchy
    • Duty of monarch is to please the people
    • Gain advice in secret
    • eliminates competing political parties
  12. Hobbes' criticizes
    idea of alienable rights
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