ESL Podcast 1033 – Discussing a Victory or Loss

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  1. making one lose all hope; very difficult to deal with
    * When her mother died, it was crushing for Susan.
  2. to describe something in a particular way; to select certain words to talk about or to describe something
    * I would say that Thelma is friendly, but I wouldn’t characterize her as being too talkative.
    to characterize
  3. to not meet expectations; to not do as well as expected or hoped
    * We fell short of our sales goal by just a few hundred dollars.
    to fall short
  4. as far as; during some period and leading to the present moment
    * She had second thoughts about marrying Ezekiel up until the moment she said, “I do.”
    up until
  5. a phrase used to show that one does not believe what another person has just said; a phrase meaning that one’s opinion or belief is not realistic or possible
    * A: With this new haircut, I look like Brad Pitt! B: In your dreams!
    in your dreams
  6. to control and have complete power over someone or something; to be superior to someone or something
    * The new king dominated everyone and everything in his kingdom.
    to dominate
  7. an easy win or victory
    * The other team won 20-0. It was a major blowout.
  8. to give up; to no longer try to do something because it was too difficult, challenging, or impossible
    * After receiving 30 rejection letters, Sally decided to throw in the towel and stop trying to get her book published.
    to throw in the towel
  9. to lose control of one’s thoughts, actions, and/or emotions and no longer be able to perform, especially when one is under a lot of stress
    * The math teacher melted down in class and started yelling at the students.
    to melt down
  10. a person who criticizes how something was done and acts as if he or she would have done it better, but is able to do that only because the thing has already happened and more information is now available
    * Sure, it sounds easy when you explain it now, but remember that anyone can be a Monday morning quarterback. It’s must harder to make the right decision when those things are actually happening.
    Monday morning quarterback
  11. to end and/or fail completely and very quickly
    * Their dream of traveling to Hawaii went down in flames when they had to use all their savings for medical treatments.
    to go down in flames
  12. another game played between the same two players or teams after a first game has ended
    * I’m sorry you lost, but hopefully you can win the rematch.
  13. to beat another person or team very badly; to have a clear win
    * Nobody expected that team to whup our team so badly.
    to whup
  14. to use insulting words and phrases to make someone seem worse or less important in order to make oneself seem better
    * Don’t listen to those kids who are trash talking you. They’re just trying to make themselves feel better.
    to trash talk
  15. to beat another person or team very badly; to have a clear win
    * You’ve practiced for months. Now let’s go out there and wipe the floor with those players. Go team!
    to wipe the floor with
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