Book 6.62 - 77

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Book 6.62 - 77
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Herodotos Histories vocab
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  1. ἐκνιζε (κνίζω)
    it scratched, pricked
  2. ὁ ἐρως
  3. ἐπηλασαν (ἐπελαύνω)
    they took (lit. 'drove upon')
  4. των κειμηλιων
  5. της ἀπατης
    trick, deceit
  6. τῃ παραγωγῃ
    the change/misleading
  7. (63)
    πληρωσασα (πληρόω)
    having fulfilled
  8. έν θωκῳ
    in assembly
  9. συμβαλλομενος (συμβαλλω)
    • concluding from, putting together
    • here: counting from
  10. ἀπομοσας (ἀπόμνυμι)
    having sworn an oath
  11. μετεμελε (μεταμέλομαι)
    he was regretting
  12. πανδημει
    • adv
    • in one mass
  13. την ἀρην
    a prayer
  14. ἀναπυστα (ος  η  ον)
  15. ἐπ᾽ Αἰγενητεων τους μηδισαντας
    against the Medisers among the Aiginetans
  16. ἀποτινυσθαι (τίνυμαι)
    to punish/get revenge
  17. φθασας (φθανω)
    having got in before/anticipated
  18. κατομνυται (κατόμνυμι)
    he swore an oath against
  19. ἀνασῳζων (ἀνασῴζω)
    recovering; keeping in mind
  20. ἐπιβατευων (ἐπιβατεύω)
    taking his stand upon
  21. ἀπεφαινε (ἀποφαινω)
    he declared
  22. παρεδροι (ος  ον)
    sitting beside
  23. (66)
    ἀνοιστου (ος  ον)
  24. ἐκ προνοιης
    with forethought
  25. προσποιεεται (προσποιεω)
    he won over
  26. την προμαντιν
    the prophetess
  27. (67)
    το ὀνειδεος
  28. αἱρεθεις ἀρχην
    having been elected to office
  29. γελωτι τε και λασθῃ
    both to joke and to insult
  30. κατακαλυψαμενος (κατακαλύπτω)
    having covered his head
  31. (68)
    ἐσθεις (εἰστίθημι)
    having put in
  32. κατικετευε (καθικετεύω)
    he was earnestly entreating
  33. καταπτομενος (καθαπτω)
    appealing to
  34. ἑρκειου (ος  ον)
    of the household
  35. τον ὀνοφορβον
    ass keeper
  36. ταις λιτῃσι
  37. συνευνηθεν (συνευνάομαι)
    having lain with
  38. ἀπαρνεομενον (ἀπαρνέομαι)
    denying utterly
  39. του ἡρωιου
    the hero's shrine
  40. ταις αὐλειῃσι
    the courtyard doors
  41. ἀναιρεομαι (ἀναιρεω)
    I take up for myself; conceive
  42. τῃ αἰδρειῃ
  43. ἀπερριψε (ἀπορρίπτω)
    he tossed out
  44. τῃ ἀνοιῃ
  45. (70)
    τα ἐποδια
    travelling supplies
  46. ὑποτοπηθεντες (ὑποτοπέω)
    having been suspected
  47. τῃ δρησμῳ
  48. ἐφθη (φθάνω)
    he got there before
  49. ἀπολαμπρυνθεις (ἀπολαμπρύνω)
    having been made renowned/glorious
  50. ἀνελομενος (ἀναιρέω)
    having won
  51. προσεβαλε (προσβάλλω)
    he attached, threw upon
  52. (71)
    μετεξετεροι (ος  ον)
    certain of, some among
  53. ἐρσεν (το ἀρσην)
  54. (72)
    κατεγηρα (καταγηράσκω)
    he was growing old
  55. ἐξετεισε
  56. ἐδωροδοκησε (δωροδοκέω)
    he accepted as a present
  57. ἐπ᾽ ἀυτοφωρῳ (ος ον) ἁλους (ἁλισκομαι)
    having been caught in the act
  58. ὑπαχθεις (ὑπάγω)
    having been brought under
  59. κατεσκαφη (κατασκάπτω)
    it was destroyed
  60. (73)
    ὡδωθη (ὁδόω)
    had been led successfully
  61. ἐγκοτον (ος  ον)
    spiteful, bearing a grudge
  62. τον προπηλακισμον
    insulting treatment
  63. ἀντιβαινειν
    to resist
  64. (74)
    ἐπαιστον (ος  ον)
  65. κακοτεχνησαντα (κακοτεχνέω)
    having dealt fraudulently
  66. το δειμα
  67. ὑπεξεσχε (ὑπεξέχω)
    he withdrew
  68. προσαγων (προσαγω)
    leading towards, inducing
  69. ἀγινεων (ἀγινέω)
    bringing, leading
  70. ἐξορκουν (ἐξορκόω)
    to make to swear
  71. το ἀγκος
    a hollow/pool
  72. της αἱμασιης
    a wall of stones
  73. (75)
    ἐπι τοισι αὐτοισι τοισι
    upon the same terms
  74. ὑπομαργοτερον (ὑπομαργος)
    more mad
  75. ἐνεχραυε (χραύω)
    he bashed
  76. οἱ προσηκοντες
    those close to him
  77. μουνωθεντα (μονόω)
    having been left alone
  78. αἰτεει (αἰτεω)
    he demanded
  79. των εἱλωτεων
    of the helots
  80. των κνημεων
    his calves/shins
  81. λωβωμενος (λωβαομαι)
  82. τα ἰσχια
    the hips
  83. τας λαπαρας
    the flanks
  84. καταχορδευων (καταχορδεύω)
    mincing/chopping up
  85. καταγινεων (καταγινέω)
    having brought out
  86. το ἀλσος
    the grove
  87. τῃ ἀλογιῃ
    lack of respect
  88. ἐχρησθη  (χράω)
    it was declared
  89. το χασμα
    a chasm
  90. ἐσφαγιαζετο (σφαγιάζομαι)
    he was sacrificing
  91. ἐκαλλιερεε (καλλιερέω)
    he was getting favourable signs
  92. ἀγασθαι (ἀγάζω)
    to honour, exalt
  93. ἐξαναχωρησας (ἐξαναχωρέω)
    having retreated
  94. (77)
    το μεταιχμιον
    space between two armies
  95. ἐκ του φανερου
  96. ἀρηται (αἴρω)
    to win, lift up
  97. ἀμφιδρυφεας (ης  ες)
    tearing both cheeks
  98. θησει (τίθημι)
    she will put
  99. ἐπεσσομενων (ἔπειμι)
    about to come in
  100. τριελικτος  ὀψις
    thrice-coiled serpent
  101. δαμασθεις (δαμάζω)
    having been overpowered

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