Nursing Critical Thinking and intro to NP

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  1. reflective reasoning process that guides a nurse in generating, implementing, and evaluating approaches for dealing with patient care and professional concerns
    critical thinking
  2. purposeful mental activity in which ideas are produced and evaluated and clinical decisions are made
    critical thinking
  3. application of questions to situations to determine essential info
    critical analysis
  4. technique to recognize and examine assumptions, see inconsistencies, study multiple points of view and tell knowledge from beliefs
    socratic questioning
  5. set of facts or data (specifics) to a generalization
    inductive reasoning
  6. from general to specific
    deductive reasoning
  7. ability to think for one self. have a wide range of ideas
    independence of thought
  8. nonbiased. assess all viewpoints
    fair mindedness
  9. open to possibility that thinking may be biased by personal and social pressures. know own biases
    insight into egocentricity
  10. willing to admit they don't know everything. willing to seek new info and rethink conclusions
    intellectual humility
  11. truthful when all thinking is not support by solid reasons and data
    intellectual courage to challenge status quo
  12. apply high standards to own thinking as they do to others
  13. patients with finding solutions. need much thought and research
  14. self confidence in fact finding and reasoning process. not afraid to disagree
    confidence in reasoning
  15. interest in exploring thoughts and feelings. filled with questions. "WHY?" "COULD THAT WORK?"
  16. number of approaches are tried until a solution is found
    trial and error
  17. learning of things without use of reasoning. "sixth sense" need experience and knowledge based
  18. systematic, formalized, logical approach to problem solving
    research process/scientific method
  19. critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving in nursing utilize what?
    the nursing process
  20. graphic depiction/visual representation of CT. "Mind mapping". promotes higher level thinking, clinical decision making, and performance
    concept mapping
  21. systematic, rationale method of planning and providing individualized nursing care
    nursing process
  22. cyclic and dynamic, patient centered, method of problem solving, decision making is involved in each phase, interpersonal and collaborative, framework for all care in settings, and nurses use variety of critical thinking are all what?
    characteristics of the nursing process
  23. What are the five steps to the nursing process?
    assessing, diagnosing, planning, intervening, evaluating
  24. collecting, organizing, validating, and documenting data step of the nursing process
  25. analyzing data, identifying health problems, and formulating a diagnosis step of the nursing process
  26. prioritizing problems, formulating goals, selecting and writing interventions step of the nursing process
  27. delegating or performing planned care, including documentation step of nursing process
  28. measuring extent goals were achieved step of nursing process
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