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    • what is a complete refresh of the existing AN/UYK - 160 (V) mid - tier system
    • NFSA
  1. what does NFSA stand for
    NAVAIR file server array
  2. what are the different types of configurations of the NFSA
    • double rack
    • single rack
  3. what server has rack utility, NAMDRP and the AIRSPEED servers
  4. what is the form factor for the 360 server
  5. what server has the IETMS, JKCS, and the OOMA Mid tier server on it
    the 380 server
  6. what does MMC stand for
    microsoft management console
  7. what is the form factor for the 380 server
  8. what server has the ASM server on it
    the 580 server
  9. what is the form factor for the 580 server
  10. what does KVM stand for
    keyboard, video monitor, mouse
  11. what does OSD stand for
    on- screen display
  12. how many ports are on the KVM
  13. what is the form factor for the TFT 7600
  14. the what port procurve switch 2824 with how many 10/100/1000
    • 24
    • 20
  15. the what port procurve switch 2848 with how many 10/100/1000
    • 48
    • 44
  16. how many dual-personality ports for RJ-45
  17. what is the name of the UPS
    HP R3000 XR UPS
  18. what does SAS stand for
    serial attach SCSI
  19. what does SATA stand for
    SAS or serial ATA
  20. what does DAS stand for
    direct attach storage
  21. what does RACKU stand for
    rack utility
  22. what servers does RACKU provide support for
    • OOMA NALCOMIS mid-tier
    • Airspeed
    • AMTCS
    • NAMDRP
    • IETM
    • JKCS
  23. what are the adinistrative software that is used by RACKU
    • virtual SMTP services software
    • symantec antivirus
    • symantec backup exec
    • HP event notifications
    • internet information services
  24. what is the account do you use to log on to RACKU
  25. what version of symantec does the servers use
    version 11
  26. what is the next-generation antivirus products
    symantec antivirus
  27. what does IIS stand for
    internet information services
  28. what has a client/server design and is a high-performance data management solution for windows servers networks
    symantec backup exec
  29. what provides reliable backup and recovery of information while reducing storage and management cost through integrated deduplication and archiving technology
    symantec backup exec
  30. what provides hardware level management for HP Proliant Servers and Storage Works storage arrays
    HP event notification
  31. what provides a comprehensive solution for managing updates within the NFSA Rack Network
    Windows Server Update Services
  32. what is a microsoft proprietary web server application included with windows NT based operating systems that provide FTP functionality and an easy-to-use management console for administrators
    internet information services
  33. IIS uses a script for a controlled installation on what following servers
    • rack utility
    • JKCS
    • ASM
  34. what main purpose is to replicate aircraft operations and maintenance data from the squadron level to the top tier servers
    OOMA mid tier
  35. who provides and supports the hardware for the OOMA mid tier
  36. what accommodates up- line reporting of data generateda and aircraft baseline updates from baseline servers to the squadron's level
    OOMA mid tier
  37. what does CPI stand for
    continuous process improvement
  38. what is current readiness enabler for operationalizing cost-wise readiness across the Naval aviation enterprise and is naval aviation's continuous process improvement
  39. what is its primary mission is to transform naval avaition's logistics chain into an integrated, reliable, demand-pull based replenishment system
  40. what does TOC stand for
    theory of constraints
  41. what does MSIPIB stand for
    maintenance & Supply integration performance improvement branch's
  42. what is a methodology based on the theory that every system has at least one constraint that limits what it produces
    • TOC
    • theory of constraints
  43. what focuses on the removal of waste, which is defined as anything not necessary to produce the product or service
  44. what is a strategy based on the assumption that the outcome of the entire process will be improved by reducing the variation of multiple elements
    six sigma
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