Geog exam #1

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  1. Transhumance
    is a seasonal herding where the animals are brought up the mountains in summer and down to the valleys in winter.
  2. Small Scale Map
    Have large denominators, cover large areas, and lack detail.Image Upload 1
  3. Large Scale Map
    Have small denominators, cover small areas, and show detail.Image Upload 2
  4. Latitude
    Is angular distance north or south of the Equator. Image Upload 3
  5. Longitude
    Is angular distance east or west of the Prime Meridian Image Upload 4
  6. Meridian
    Is a line of longitude; it connects the North and South Poles; And is the starting points for the measurements of longitude.
  7. Plate Tectonics
    Is composed of a number of segments or plates that move independently of one another over the Earth surface
  8. Lithosphere and Asthenosphere
    ·Rigid, topmost unit

    ·soft layer just below the lithosphere where rock approach their melting pointImage Upload 5
  9. Ring Of Fire
    Is a belt of earthquakes and volcanoes located along the edges of the Pacific Plate.
  10. Divergence
    Pulling apartImage Upload 6
  11. Convergence
    Crashing togetherImage Upload 7
  12. Strike-splip
    Sliding past one another Image Upload 8
  13. Horsts and Grabens
    Are upthrown and are downthrown blocksImage Upload 9
  14. Isohyet
    Is a line on a map connecting points of equal rainfall
  15. Rainshadow Effect and Rainshadow
    Wet on the western slopes☁

    Dry on the eastern slopes☀Image Upload 10
  16. Physical Geography
    It pertains to the natural setting; Ex. landforms, weather, and vegetations
  17. Human Geography
    It pertains to the cultural setting; Ex. religion, economic activities, cities, and language
  18. Scale and Map
    ·Is the relationship between the distance on the Earth & the same distance on the map.

    ·Is the representation of the Earth's surface on a flat piece of paper.
  19. Taiga
    are forest consists mainly of evergreen coniferous trees such as spruce & fir trees
  20. Rape
    is an oil-producing plant in the mustard family; it's grown in Europe's mixed livestock & crop farming belt.
  21. Till Plain
    Is a flat plain consisting of glacial deposits that can be 100 ft thick
  22. Moraines
    Is a ridge of glacial deposits at the edges of the glaciers
  23. Old Cotton Belt
    Is located in the inlands South; In addition cotton, tobacco, soybeans, and chickens are produced here.
  24. Corn Belt
    It extends eastward from Nebraska to central Ohio; It's used to feed hogs & cattle as well as ethanol production(gasoline substitute/additive)
  25. Dairy Belt
    Is located in the upper Midwest in the United Stated; In addition milk, butter, and cheese are produce here.
  26. Wheat Belt
    Part of the North American Great Plains where wheat is the dominant crop; is planted in spring and takes advantage of the long summer days of this high-latitude area to mature by fall.
  27. Dry Framing, Winter wheat, and Spring Wheat
    ·Is the growing of crops without irrigation; it relies only on natural rainfall.

    ·Is grown in the southern belt & is planted in the fall, sprouts, goes dormant in the winter, grows rapidly in the spring, and harvested in late May or early June

    ·Is grown in the northern parts & is planted in the spring and harvested in the late summer or early fall.
  28. Primary activity & Secondary activity
    ·Deal with agriculture, fishing, and extraction of mineral resources.

    ·Deal with the processing of raw materials into useful products(steel making & food processing)
  29. Tertiary activity & Quaternary
    ·Deal with providing services such as banking or retail(sale & exchange of goods & service)

    ·Deal with the collecting, processing & manipulation of information(data processing, education, research, & development)
  30. EU & EMU
    ·abbreviation for European Union

    ·abbreviation for European Monetary Union
  31. Balkanization and Supranationalism
    ·The separation of a region into smaller, often hostile political units due to rising nationalism

    ·The trend towards unity
  32. Irredentism and ethnic cleansing
    ·Is a movement by an ethnic group in one country to revive ethnicity in another

    ·forcing people out of their homelands to create ethnically pure areas
  33. Primate city
    ·Is the largest city that dominates the political, economic, and cultural life of a country
  34. Site and Situation
    ·Is the specific location or physical characteristics of a place

    ·Is the location relative to other place
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