Ethics Test

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  1. descriptive ethics
    the scientific study of moral beliefs and practices
  2. normative ethics
    the study of principles, rules, or theories that guide our actions and judgements
  3. metaethics
    the study of meaning and logical structure of moral beliefs
  4. applied ethics
    the application of moral norms to specific moral issues or cases, particularly those in a profession such as medicine or law
  5. three main divisions of ethics
    • normative ethics
    • metaethics
    • applied ethics
  6. objectivism
    the view that some moral principles are valid for everyone
  7. cultural relativism
    the view that an action is morally right if one's culture approves of it
  8. subjective realivism
    an action = right if one approves of it
  9. emotivism
    the view that moral utterances are neither true nor false but expressions of emotions/attitudes

    there are no moral facts, nothing is good/bad
  10. statement
    an assertion that something is or is not the case
  11. argument
    a group of statements, one of which is supposed to be supported by the rest
  12. premise
    a supporting statement in an argument
  13. deductive argument
    an argument that is supposed to give logically conclusive support to its conclusion

    • valid if logical support for conclusion
    • invalid if not

    sound if also true premises
  14. inductive argument
    an argument that does not offer logically conclusive support for the conclusion

    • strong probable support for conclusion
    • cognent - premises also true
  15. what follows in valid arguments
    • valid, invalid
    • sound
  16. what follows in inductive arguments
    strong, weak, cogent
  17. moral statement
    a statement affirming that an action is right or wrong or that a person/ones motif or character, is good/bad
  18. nonmoral statement
    a statement that does not affirm that an action is right/wrong or that a person or ones motive or character, is good/bad
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