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  1. You roll across the floor to a baby. The ball rolls out of sight behind the chair. For the first time, the baby crawls to search for it. The baby is probably about ___________ months old
    8 months
  2. At approximately what ____________ months old a child will begin to utter her first two-world sentences.
    21 months
  3. The process of getting used to an objects or event through repeated exposure to it is referred to as ____________.
  4. On average, children begin saying recognizable words at about ____________ months.
    12 months
  5. When Becky's mother speaks to her, she uses a high-pitched voice, simple words or phrases, and lots of repetition. At four months of age, Becky delights in her mothers use of___________ speech
    Child- directed
  6. Billy is 10 months old. He watches his older brother play with a toy piano and will probably push the keys on the piano the way his brother did.
  7. Children all over the world usually follow the sequence of __________ development.
  8. Babies between 6 and 15 months understand about _______ times more words than they can actually say.
    10 times
  9. Greti's little girl is deaf and, therefore, you would expect that she would ____________ manually at about the same time normal children babble.
  10. Jacob is 3 months old and is sucking on his pacifier. According to ___________, he adapted to the pacifier since it does not provide food. This adaptation is a sign that Jacob is thinking.
  11. Some studies have found that infants as young as _________ months old can remember.
    3 months
  12. _______ percent of all 2- year- olds with vocabulary of at least 100 words is:
  13. Hugh enjoys playing with your keys. When you take them away and place them in your pocket, Hugh does not search for them. Piaget would say that Hugh does not understand ___________ performance.
  14. The usual order of the development of spoken language is: Reflexes, cooing, _________, spoken words.
  15. Aisha uses " baby signing" to teach her son, Ahmed, how to communicate before he is old enough to talk. Ahmed has just started using a few signs in response to his mother. He can make a sign for "more " and " all done" during his meals. Ahmed is most likely between 6 and _______ months old.
    12 months
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