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    • what does JMPS stand for
    • joint mission planning systems
  1. what does TAMPS stand for
    tactical automated mission planning system
  2. what does N-PFPS stand for
    navy portable flight planning software
  3. what are the two predecessors to JMPS
    • TAMPS
    • N-PFPS
  4. what was used in the fleet for several years providing some mission planners with the means to plan presision guided munitions and was replace because it was UNIX based
  5. what does PGMs stand for
    precision guided munitions
  6. what is comprised of numerous individual windows-based programs to help flight planners and was replace due to the lacking the necessary connectivity
  7. what is a program of record system that has a custom common operating environment base security policy designed specifically for mission planning
  8. what does POR stand for
    program of record
  9. what does COE stand for
    common operating environment
  10. what does MTL stand for
  11. what does JACAL stand for
    JMPS application and central access library
  12. what only purpose is for map data and file sharing while in garrison
  13. what version of JMPS must connect to the windows 2003 domain controllers
  14. what does SDLC stand for
    software development life cycle
  15. what does JACAL stand for
    JMPS application and central access library
  16. what does MDLR stand for
    mission data loader receptacle
  17. what does DSUR stand for
    data storage unit receptacle
  18. what does DTD stand for
    data transfer devices
  19. what will happen if any DTD was connected to multiple computers simultaneously
    it will be permanently damaged
  20. what does OU stand for
    organizational unit
  21. how many security groups are there in the COMPOSE
    • 4
    • OPSECON- 1, 2, 3, 4
  22. what security level are COMPOSE users
    OPSECON - 3
  23. what are the 5 primary groups that JMPS roles are divided into
    • windows system administrator
    • JMPS security administrator
    • JMPS administrator
    • JMPS database administrator
    • JMPS mission planner
  24. what is windows system administrator responsible for
    • maintaining the integrity of the system
    • initial installation or upgrade of the JMPS program
    • establishing windows groups
    • external administration
  25. what is JMPS security administrator responsible for
    • -security-related operations such as:
    • user account management
    • audit configuration, monitoring
    • setting classification for printed materials
    • enabling GPS Crypto Key on workstations
    • backup/restore data
  26. what is JMPS administrator role responsible for
    • establishes non-security system configuration settings
    • administrative preferences
    • provides account names and passwords
    • control information to access external systems
    • backup/restore data
  27. what is JMPS database administrator role responsible for
    • load, modify, and delete common database files such as:
    • DAFIF
    • CADRG
    • E-CHUM
    • load GPS crypto keys
    • load ARC SINCGARS key
    • execute JMPS
  28. what consists of updates for airports, waypoints, navaids and is distributed every 28 days
  29. what consists of map updates NGA distributes and scanned maps turned into digital/electronic versions
  30. what consists of low level objects such as power lines, cell towers, cables
  31. what is JMPS mission planners role responsible for
    • authorized to perform all JMPS configurations not otherwise restricted to other roles
    • update DAFIF, E-CHUM, and map data
    • mission planners should be assigned JMPS database administrator permissions to perform these functions
  32. what does J-SIM stand for
    JMPS simplified installation and maintenance
  33. what does MPE stand for
    mission planning environments
  34. what does LSL stand for
    logistics support library
  35. what are the three partition to conform to COE requirements while installing J-SIM
    • C:/ - system
    • D:/ - COE segments
    • E:/ - Data
  36. what does COMPOSE stand for
    common PC operating system environment
  37. what is on disk one
    windows XP, system drivers, and COE segments
  38. what is on disk two
  39. what is on disk three
  40. what platform is JMPS installed on
  41. what does MDM stand for
    map data manager
  42. what are the two functions of MDM
    • map display
    • map loading with JMPS
  43. what are the tabs of the features of the MDM
    • single
    • multiple
    • polar
    • paths
    • CD library
  44. what does MPE stand for
    mission planning environment
  45. what does DAFIF stand for
    digital aeronautical flight information file
  46. what does CADRG stand for
    conpressed arc digitized raster graphics
  47. what do DAFIF and E-CHUM come on
  48. what does E-CHUM stand for
    electronic chart update manual
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