Book 6.78 - 93

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  1. ἐπεκεατο (ἐπίκειμαι)
    they were descending upon
  2. το ἀλσος
    the grove
  3. αὐτομολους (ος  ον)
    independent, self-willed
  4. ὀνομαστι
    • adv
    • by name
  5. ἀπεργμενους (ἔργνυμι)
  6. τα ἀποινα
  7. τεταγμεναι (τάσσω)
    fixed, arranged in place
  8. ἀιχμαλωτον (ος  ον)
  9. ἐλεληθεε (λανθάνω)
    it had escaped
  10. πυκνου (ος  η  ον)
    close, dense
  11. (80)
    περινεειν (περινέω)
    to pile/heap round [also swim round, but not here!]
  12. των εἱλωτεων
  13. ἠπατηκας (ἀπαταω)
    you deceive
  14. (82)
    ὑπηγον (ὑπαγω)
    they led
  15. σαφηνεως
    • adv
    • truthfully
  16. ἐξεληλυθεναι (ἐξερχομαι)
    of prophecies: to come true, reach their end
  17. καλλιερευμενῳ (καλλιερέω)
    obtaining good omens
  18. των στηθεων
    the breast
  19. την ἀτρεκειην
    the precise truth
  20. (83)
    ἐχηρωθη (χηρόω)
    it had been desolated
  21. διεποντες (διέπω)
    managing, conducting
  22. ἐπηβησαν
  23. ἀνακτωμενοι (ἀνακτάομαι)
  24. ἐξωθευμενοι (ἐξωθέω)
    thrusting out
  25. ἀρθμια (ος  α  ον)
    united, peaceful
  26. ἀνεγνωσε (ἀναγιγνώσκω)
    • in Ionic: 'he persuaded'
  27. ἐπιθεσθαι (ἐπιτίθημι)
    to set upon, attack
  28. (84)
    την ἀκρητοποτην
    a drinker of neat wine
  29. ἀπανταν (ἀπαντάω)
    to meet with
  30. ὁμιλεω
    to consort with
  31. ζωροτερον (ος  α  ον)
    more pure, less diluted
  32. το Ἐπισκυθιον
    a Skythian cup
  33. την τισιν
  34. καταβωσομενους (καταβοάω)
    crying out against
  35. των ὁμηρων
  36. κατεκριναν (κατακρίνω)
    they sentenced
  37. ἐκδοτον (ος  ον)
    given up, delivered
  38. ἐξ ὑστερης
  39. της ἀγωγης
    the carrying-away, removal
  40. ἐπισπομενον (ἐφέπομαι)
    going after, pursuing
  41. (86α)
    παραθεσθαι (παρατιθημι)
    Med: to deposit, commit to one's charge
  42. κατα τριτην γενεην την ἀπ ἐμεο
    3 generations before mine
  43. περιηκειν (περιηκω)
    • to have fallen upon one, come to one
    • (in the sense that they have attained them)
  44. ἐν χρονῳ ἱκνευμενῳ
    • at the right time
    • (ἱκνεομαι becomes 'fitting' in the impersonal)
  45. ἀπολαυσαι (ἀπολαύω)
    to have enjoyment of
  46. ἱδρυμενη (ἱδρύω) ἀσφαλεως
    being securely established
  47. οὐδαμα
    • adv
    • nowhere
  48. ἐξαργυρωσαντα (ἐξαργυρόω)
    having converted into silver
  49. (86β)
    διωθεετο (διωθέω)
    he pushed back, refused
  50. ἀντυποκρινομενος (ἀνθυποκρίνομαι)
    answering back
  51. περιφερει (περιφερω)
    it carries back (concerning memory and remembering)
  52. ἀναβαλλομαι
    Med: 'to delay'
  53. κυρωσειν (κυροω)
    to confirm
  54. (86γ)
    συμφροην ποιευμενοι
    esteeming/reckoning it a disaster
  55. ληισηται (ληίζομαι)
    he seized as booty
  56. μετερχεται (μετερχομαι)
    she attacks; seeks, goes among
  57. Ὁρκου (ὁ Ορκος)
  58. κραιπνος η ον
  59. συμμαρψας (συμμάρπτω)
    having seized
  60. μετοπισθεν
    • adv
    • afterwards, later on
  61. την συγγνωμην
    the forgiveness, pardon
  62. ἰσχειν (ἰσχω)
    to hold/restrain
  63. πειρηθηναι (πειραω)
    to attempt, make trial of
  64. (86δ)
    ἱστιη = ἑστια
    hearth, household
  65. ἐκτετριπται (ἐκτρίβω)
    he is rubbed out
  66. προρριζος ον
  67. (87)
    χαριζομενοι (χαριζομαι)
    obliging, gratifying
  68. μεμφομενοι (μεμφομαι)
  69. ἡ πεντετηρις
    a 5-yearly event
  70. την θεωριδα νεα
    the sacred ship
  71. (88)
    ἀναρτημενους (ἀναρτέομαι)
    being prepared
  72. την προδοσιην
    the betrayal
  73. ἐς δεον
    at the right time
  74. (89)
    πενταδραχμους ἀποδομενοι
    hiring out for 5 drachmas
  75. ὑστερησαν (ὑστερέω)
    they were late/behind
  76. της συγκειμενης (σύγκειμαι)
    of/than the one agreed on
  77. (91)
    οἱ παχεες
    the men of substance, the wealthy
  78. ἐπανασταντος (ἐπανίστημι)
    having revolted
  79. ἀπολεοντες (ἀπόλλυμι)
    going to/about to be killed
  80. ἐκθυσασθαι (ἐκθυω)
    to expiate by offerings
  81. ἐφθησαν (φθάνω)
    they came/arrived sooner, anticipated
  82. ἱλεον (ἰλαος  ον)
  83. ζωγρησαντες (ζωγρέω)
    having taken alive/captive
  84. των ἐπισπαστηρων
    the latch
  85. ἀποσπασαι (ἀποσπάω)
    to tear away
  86. ἀπελκοντες (ἀφέλκω)
    dragging away
  87. ἐμπεφυκυιαι (ἐμφύω)
    they clung fast to
  88. (92)
    λαμφθεισαι (λαμβάνω)
    having been taken
  89. συναπεβησαν (συναποβαίνω)
    they disembarked with
  90. τῃ ἐσβολῃ
  91. ἐπεβληθη (ἐπιβάλλω)
    it had been imposed
  92. ἡ ζημιη
    a fine
  93. αὐθαδεστεροι (ος α ον comp)
    more stubborn
  94. ἐπασκησας (ἐπασκέω)
    having carefully practised
  95. ἐθελονται ἐς χιλιους
    as many as a thousand wanted to
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