Sociology Chp.3 (4)

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  1. deliberately and consciously rejects some of the basic beliefs, values, and norms of the dominant culture.
  2. can range from the Ku Klux Klan to the Old Order Amish.
  3. refers to the coexistence of many cultures in the same geographic area, without any one culture dominating another.
  4. also called cultural pluralism.
  5. a sense of confusion, uncertainty, disorientation, or anxiety that accompanies exposure to an unfamiliar environment.
    Culture shock
  6. We react to differences in
    personal hygiene, privacy, food, and personal space.
  7. refers to the beliefs, practices, activities, and products that are widely shared among a population in everyday life.
    Pop culture
  8. television, music, magazines, radio, advertising, sports, fashions, movies
    mass media
  9. involves the cultural values and products of one society influencing or dominating another society.
    Cultural imperialism
  10. Culture is transmitted to
    new generations
  11. New behaviors and beliefs adapt to existing ones through
    cultural integration
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