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  1. Clinicians who view Psychological abnormality as an illness define treatment/therapy as a
  2. Sean obsesses for hours over his appearance each morning. As a result,
    he has been fired from two jobs in the past four months because he does
    not get to work on time. This is an example of
  3. Rashad has chosen not to get married or have children. He lives with
    ten dogs and rarely goes out, yet he does not bother anyone. His
    behavior would be considered an example of
  4. Some historians believe Stone Age people used trephination to release
    evil spirits from the brain. However, other historians question whether
    Stone Age people believed in evil spirits inhabiting the brain. Instead,
    trephination may have been used to:
    repair injuries to the skull
  5. Dr. Ramos is a psychotherapist in a large city. Over the years he has
    noticed that there has been an increase in the number of black female
    clients who have come to him for help with depression. Dr. Ramos plans
    to do research with black women living with depression because his
    belief is that race and gender play a role in the development of
    depression. Dr. Ramos is framing his research based on _____
    psychological theory
  6. What sort of explanations for abnormal behavior emerged during the time when the Greek and Roman civilizations thrived?
    physical or natural
  7. Hippocrates believed that mania was a result of a(n)
    excess of yellow bile
  8. Hippocrates believed that the humor he called _____ caused a person to become depressed.
    black bile
  9. Siarra has been dealing with depression brought on by a difficult
    divorce. She has attended five therapy sessions and she and her
    therapist feel that she is making progress. Unfortunately, she has
    learned that her health insurance does not cover more than five
    therapist visits per year. Siarra's therapist believes that she needs
    more weeks of therapy but this is not possible because her coverage has
    ended. Siarra is given a prescription for antidepressants, which her
    insurance will cover. The type of health insurance Siarra has is called
    managed care
  10. Bernardo and three of his friends, who live in the Middle Ages, believe
    that they turn into foxes when there is a new moon. During this time,
    they lose control over their bodies and run through a nearby wood in the
    dark, hoping to catch a rabbit or other small animal. If they do catch
    one, they eat it raw. These men are suffering from
  11. Anton is mentally ill and lives in Gheel, Belgium, during the 1400s. What kind of care does he receive?
    He lives in a foster home with a family that treats him kindly
  12. Asylums first became popular in the _____ century as a way to provide care for people with mental disorders.
  13. Clinicians who view psychological abnormality as a problem in living define therapists as _____.
  14. The development of psychotropic drugs lead to the policy of
  15. Which doctor developed the first modern system for classifying abnormal behavior?
    Emil Kraepelin
  16. Which feature is NOT a requirement of Jerome Frank's framework for all forms of therapy?
    A sufferer pays a healer for his or her services.
  17. According to Hippocrates, yellow bile, black bile, blood, and phlegm were the:
    four humors
  18. Edmund lived in mid-16th century England and had symptoms of what would
    now be diagnosed as schizophrenia. He could not care for himself and his
    family abandoned him. What MOST likely to happened to him given his
    location and time in history?
    He probably entered an asylum where he endured torture.
  19. The somatogenic perspective of abnormal psychological functioning has its roots in:
    Hippocrates' ideas of brain disease and humor imbalance.
  20. carl rogers
    was an influential American psychologist and among the founders of the humanistic approach (or client-centered approach)
  21. thomas szasz
    • Szasz argued that mental illnesses are not real in the sense that
    • cancers are real. Except for a few identifiable brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, there are ‚Äúneither biological or chemical tests nor biopsy or necropsy findings for verifying or falsifying DSM diagnoses", i.e. there are no objective methods for detecting the presence or absence of mental illness.[6]
    • His views on special treatment followed from libertarian roots, based on the principles that each person has the right to bodily and mental self-ownership and the right to be free from violence from others, although he criticized the "Free World" as well as the communist states for their use of psychiatry. He believed that suicide, the practice of medicine, the use and sale of drugs and sexual relations should be private, contractual, and legal.
  22. jerome frank
    persuasive healing tricks
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