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  1. What is environmental Engineering?
    • Practice in the solution of problems of environmental sanitation, notably in
    • the provision of safe, palatable, and
    • ample water supplies. it is concerned with engineering problems in the field of public health and the effect of technological advances on the environment
  2. What does MCL stand for?
    Maximum Contaminant Level
  3. What cause environmental problems?
    • *Population increase
    • *Rising standard of living 
    • *stone age
    • *Bronze
    • *Iron
    • *Plastic 
    • *Semi-conductor
  4. Book of silence
    Inconvenient Truth movie
    • Author: Rachel Carson
    • Al Gore Vice president
  5. Erin Brokonich
    An American legal clerk and environmental activist, who, despite the lack of a formal education in the law, was instrumental in building a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) of California in 1993
  6. What EPA stands for? and when was created?
    Environmental Protection Agency, it was created in 1970. It was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress.
  7. What are the environmental systems?
    • 1. water resource management system
    •         a. drinking water 
    •         b. wastewater 
    • 2. Air Resource management system 
    • 3. Solid waste management system.
  8. 2nd Drinking water 
    Primary drinking water
    • 2nd Drinking waster is non-enforceable. Violation will not result in penalty. 
    • Primary Drinking water is enforceable, violation will result in penalty.
  9. What does NAAQ stand for?
    National Ambien Air Quality. It regulares the air quality.
  10. Air quality Index (AQI)
    See how much contamination is there in the air.
  11. Single medium problem 
    Multimedia Problem
    • 1. Confined to single medium
    • 2. Comes from different sources
  12. Factors affect water consumption
    • 1. Climate
    • 2. Industrial activity 
    •       a. waste a lot pf water in production
    • 3. Meterage 
    •      a. how much water your consuming
    • 4. System management 
    •     a. aging infrastructure 
    • 5. Standard of living.
  13. Surface water
    • 1. Streams, lakes and rivers
    • 2. Pumped from wells
  14. Pipe network
    It is also called distribution system.
  15. What does POTW stand for?
    Public owned water works
  16. What does NPDES stand for?
    National pollution discharge elimination system
  17. What MACT stand for? 
    Maximum achievable control technology. 
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