Bio 181 Ch. 22 Stuff

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  1. Unifying Principle of Biology
    Microevolutionary change leads to macroevolutionary change
  2. Conflict of Religious Beliefs of many in Judeo-Christian Community
    Macroevolution, the change of one species into another
  3. Scopes Trial
    • 1925, Dayton, Tennessee
    • Clarence Barrow vs. William Jennings Bryan
  4. Flat Earthers
    Earth like a coin
  5. Geocentrists
    Earth Center of Universe
  6. Young Earth Creationism
    Earth is 10,000 years old
  7. Gap Creationism
    Gap Between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2
  8. Day-Age Creationism
    6 Days = ages
  9. Progressive Creation
    Evolution within "kinds"
  10. Theistic Evolution
    God guides evolution
  11. Atheistic Evolution
    No supernatural influence
  12. Answers to Arguments against Creationism (1)
    • Second Law of Thermodynamics (order cannot come from disorder) means that evolution could not occur
    • - Order can arise if energy source is provided
    • -Life could not exist with this interpretation of the Second Law
  13. Answers to Arguments against Creationism (2)
    • Fossil record is incomplete and there are no transitional fossils between major groups
    • -Many gaps known in Darwin's time have been filled
    • -Consistency of fossils in strata
  14. Answers to Arguments against Creationism (3)
    • Many structures or irreducibly complex--could not function with all parts being present at once
    • -Not on closer inspection
    • -Re-fashion structures to new uses or interactions with other structures
  15. Answers to Arguments against Creationism (4)
    • Evolution has never been directly observed
    • -Microevolution has been observed
    • -New species have arisen in labs
  16. Answers to Arguments against Creationism (5)
    • Evolution has been used as a justification for morally questionable concepts such as Social Darwinism
    • -Gross misuse of evolutionary theory/science
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