Study Guide Chap. 16 Early Medieval Europe

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  1. Pagan ship burial
    buried all things for after life.
  2. Beowulf
    Heroic poem considered the highest achievement of Old English literature and the earliest European
  3. Cloisonne
    "Compartment" on Sytton Hoo Purse/ decorative metalwork technique employing cloisons
  4. Runes
    Vikings alphabet
  5. monostaeries
    set apart from the secular community of a town
  6. Celtic crosses
    Made of stone
  7. Book of Kells
    Famous illuminated manuscript
  8. illuminated manuscripts
    made by Ireland people out of monasteries /gold or sliver
  9. Charlemagne
    Man who commissioned illuminated manuscript
  10. Crusades
    medieval Europe, armed pilgrimages aimed at recapturing the Holy Land from the Muslims
  11. feudalism
    medieval political, social, and economic system held together by the relationship between landholding liege lords and the vassals
  12. pilgrimage
    pilgrim's journey
  13. Reliquary
    a container for holy relics
  14. triptych
    three-paneled painting, ivory plaque, or altarpiece a small, portable shrine with hinged wings for private devotion
  15. portal
    opening to church
  16. trumeau
    church architecture, the pillar or center post supporting the lintel in the middle of the doorway.
  17. Capitals
    uppermost member of a column
  18. Secular
    denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis.
  19. 3 Characteristics of Gothic Architecture
    1:Ribbed Vaults 2:Pointed Arches 3:Flying Buttresses
  20. Rose window
    Flowers on stained glass
  21. Gargoyle
    Grotesque carved human or animal face or figure
  22. Quatrefoils/Qutra=4
    shape or plan in which the parts assume the form of a cloverleaf
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