AP Euro Chap. 13 and 14

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  1. What is chiaroscuro?
    The use of light and dark in art
  2. Who was Christine de Pisan?
    A late medieval and highly educated author. She wrote during the Hundred Years' War about many things, including where women fit in society
  3. What does the white cat symbolize in Leonardo Da Vinci's painting?
    In Lady with and Ermine, it symbolizes purity
  4. What Sofonisba Anduissola and Atermisia Gentileschi do?
    They achieved international renown for their paintings
  5. Who was Isabella Andreini?
    The greatest actress of her day
  6. Who was Laura Cereta?
    An educated writer with a literary career. She married at a young age instead of pursuing her career and when her husband died she continued her studies. She condemned empty women who don't strive for great things.
  7. Who was Suzanne Erkur?
    She managed the imperial silver mint in Bohemia
  8. Who was Artemesia Gentileschi?
    A talented Roman artist who painted "Judith Slaying Holofernes." Many believe it depicts revenge of her rapist.
  9. Who was Isabella Sforza?
    She "owned ten blacks" and took pride in 7 of them being women
  10. Who was Marchesa Elena Grimaldi?
    An Italian Aristocrat who had her portrait painted with her black servants to show her wealth
  11. Who was Katharina von Bora?
    Martin Luther's wife
  12. Who was Catharine of Aragon?
    Henry VIII's first wife
  13. Who was Anne Boleyn?
    Henry VIII's second wife
  14. Who was Jane Seymour?
    Henry VIII's third wife who gave him a son
  15. Who was Teresa of Avila?
    The daughter of a New Christian who went on to become a saint who created a reformed house for nuns.
  16. Who was Angela Merici?
    She founded the Ursuline order of nuns
  17. What is contrapasto?
    The weight resting on one leg
  18. Who was Ignatus Loyola?
    Founder of the Jesuits
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