SAT Vocab List "Appearances & Attitudes"

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  1. pedantic
    stressing trivial points of learning; lacking a sense of proportion in scholarship; narrow-minded teacher who insist rigid adherence to a set of rules.
  2. pertinacious
    stubborn; unyielding; holding firmly to some belief.
  3. pontifical
    ornate; stiff; having the pomp and dignity of a high priest or Pope.
  4. pretentious
    making claims to some distinctions; showy. Pretentious people put on airs, try to appear more important than they are.
  5. prolix
    wordy: long-winded
  6. puerile
    childish; silly; young. In Latin it means "boy".
  7. quiescent
    inactive; in repose; latent.
  8. recalcitrant
    unruly; refusing to obey authority.
  9. restive
    hard to control; restless; contrary.
  10. ribald
    coarse; vulgar in language; irreverent.
  11. sardonic
    sarcastic; bitterly sneering. Sardinian plant whose bitter taste cause facial distortion.
  12. seulous
    busy; working hard; diligent.
  13. sleazy
    flimsy or thin in texture or substance; of poor quality. This word can be traced back to cloth made in Silesia, Germany.
  14. supercilious
    naughty; arrogant; contemptuous.
  15. voluptuous
    sensuous; full of sensual delights and pleasures.
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