Government Voting and election term

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  1. Caucus
    a meeting of political party members to conduct party business
  2. Primary elections
    an election in which party members choose candidate to run for office
  3. Propaganda
    techniques used to promote a particular person or idea
  4. Canvassing
    Going through neighborhoods asking for votes or taking public opinion polls
  5. PAC
    Political Action Committee- An organization established to raise money to support an issues or candidate
  6. Polling place
    a place where votes are cast
  7. Popular vote
    votes cast directly by people
  8. Electoral vote
    votes cast by members of the Electoral college
  9. initiative
    procedures by which citizens can propose laws through the use of a petition
  10. proposition
    a petition asking for  new law
  11. Referendum
    an election in which voters can approve or reject a local or state law
  12. Recall
    an election in which voters can remove a public official from office
  13. Interest Group
    people with a similar point of view who work together to promote that point of view
  14. Ward
    A voting district within a city
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