Chapter 23 Bio T1

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  1. *Change in heredity from 1 generation to the next 
    macro vs macro
    Micro-evolution - change in gene/allele frequency due to mutation or genetic drift or gene duplication (ie mosquitoes evolving resistance to DDT)

    Macro evolution - formation of new species or groups of species due to genetic drift, migration, or natural selection (ie a dinosaur species evolves over time into a bird species)
  2. species
    babies can have babies (can reproduce)
  3. population
    depends on whether they can interbreed
  4. Theory of evolution 

    empirical thought
    relies on observation to form an idea or hypothesis
  5. Evolution is based on
    variation - heritable traits are passed from parent to offspring (genetic basis unknown 

    • natural selection - More offspring produced than can survive. Competition for limited resources. Individual with better traits flourish
    • and reproduce
  6. observation of evolutionary change
    • Fossil record
    • Biogeography (geographic distribution)
    • Convergent evolution
    • Selective breeding 
    • Homologies (Anatomical, Developmental, Molecular)
  7. convergent evolution
    2 different species from different lineages show similar characteristics because they occupy similar environments (ie antifreeze protein in different fish)
  8. homology
    • anatomical 
    • development
    • molecular
  9. homologous gene
    2 genes derived from the same ancestral gene (molecular details of evolutionary change)
  10. paralogs
    homologous within a single species
  11. Horizontal Gene Transfer
    Exchange of genetic material among different species
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