Amino Acid Abbreviations

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  1. Aspartic acid abbreviations
    Asp and D
  2. Glutamic acid abbreviations
    Glu and E
  3. Arginine abbreviations
    Arg and R
  4. Lysine abbreviations
    Lys and K
  5. Histidine abbreviations
    His and H
  6. Asparagine abbreviations
    Asn and N
  7. Glutamine abbreviations
    Gln and Q
  8. Serine abbreviations
    Ser and S
  9. Threonine abbreviations
    Thr and T
  10. Tyrosine abbreviations
    Tyr and Y
  11. Alanine abbreviations
    Ala and A
  12. Glycine abbreviations
    Gly and G
  13. Valine abbreviations
    Val and V
  14. Leucine abbreviations
    Leu and L
  15. Isoleucine abbreviations
    Ile and I
  16. Proline abbreviations
    Pro and P
  17. Phenylalanine abbreviations
    Phe and F
  18. Methionine abbreviations
    Met and M
  19. Tryptophan abbreviations
    Trp and W
  20. Cystein
    Cys and C

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Amino Acid Abbreviations
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Cell Biology
Amino Acid abbreviations
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