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  1. Biologic damage resulting from ionizing radiation occurs on three levels:
    • molecular,
    • cellular,
    • and organic.
  2. Low-energy x-ray photons, produced at lower kVp settings, are more likely to be ____
  3. The measurement of radiation absorbed inside the patient is called the
    absorbed dose
  4. When ionizing radiation  interacts with vital cell structures, the interaction is classified as ____
    direct action
  5. When ionizing radiation interacts  with molecules of water the interaction is classified as ____
    indirect action
  6. a molecule that has no charge but that has a single electron in the outer shell
    free radicals
  7. The interaction between water and ionizing radiation is called the______
    radiolysis of water
  8. _______ are injuries to cells that occur when chemical bonds are broken.
    Point lesions
  9. LET is a function of both ___and ____.
    mass and charge
  10. Low-LET radiation includes ____ & _____rays, which do not cause much ionization along their track.
    x-rays and gamma
  11. ____-LET radiation includes alpha particles, ions of heavier nuclei, and charged particles , they are more likely to cause biologic damage but exhaust their energy in a rather short track.
  12. Remember that as the LET of radiation ______, the potential biologic damage  increases.
  13. _____, or programmed cell death (interphase death), is the term used to describe a cell that dies from radiation exposure before it attempts division. The dose required for apoptosis to occur depends on the type of cell.
  14. ____, or genetic, death occurs when cells are exposed to radiation and their ability to reproduce is damaged.
  15. ______ A response that is directly proportional to radiation dose; as dose increases, the response rises in equally measured increments.
    Linear response  :
  16. A response that is not directly proportional to radiation dose.
    Nonlinear response  :
  17. A point at which a biologic response to radiation first occurs, as in a threshold radiation dose-response relationship.
    Threshold  :
  18. ______ The assumption that a response to radiation exposure will occur at any dose, as in a nonthreshold dose-response relationship.
    Nonthreshold  :
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