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  1. The Bubonic Plague was known as
    the black death
  2. time of the black death
  3. Who fought in the hundred years war
    France and England
  4. The three great clamities
    war,plague,and schism
  5. In the fourteenth century most people
    worked the land
  6. what increased the food supply
    three-field system
  7. The plague was so great because of
    • overpopulation
    • economic depression
    • famine
    • bad health
  8. The black death came from
    fleas on rats from Asia to Europe through Italy
  9. The plague spread by
    going into the lungs then through the air
  10. Most believed the black death by
    corruption in the atmosphere
  11. Giovanni Boccaccio's book on the black plague
  12. those who beat themselves free of the plague
  13. Social and Economic consequences
    • shrunken labor supply 
    • decline in value of noble estats
  14. As the number of farms decreased
    the number of skilled artisans increased
  15. Who suffered the most
  16. Low wages caused the peasants to
  17. the direct tax on peasants
  18. french peasant uprising
  19. As a result of the plague
    • cities grew
    • commoners flourished
    • kings flourished
    • church won revenue and lost power
    • nobility lost power
  20. the Hundred years war was a struggle for nation _____ and control for territority
  21. May have been started by the English king _____ , the grandson of Philip the fair, asserting a _____ to the French throne after French king Charles IV died
    • Edward III
    • claim
  22. France was struggling to make the transition from a fuedal state into a centralized _____ _____
    modern state
  23. France borrowed money from Italian bankers which _____ french currency
  24. English military superiority -  _____ and _____
    • discipline
    • longbow
  25. shrewd English _____
  26. Major English Victories
    1. capture French king John II the Good at the battle of _____.
    2. France governed by the _____ led by Etienne Marcel.
    3. Bloody _____ rebelions - the Jacquerie
    • Poitiers
    • Estates
    • peasant
  27. Peace of Bretigny-Calais-ended Edward's _____ to French thrown and gave English territorial rights in France; Edward renounced _____ to French throne.
    • vassalage
    • claim
  28. French defeat at the _____ of _____
    • treaty
    • troyes
  29. Richard the II _____ puts down peasant rebellion led by John Ball and Wat Tyler
  30. War resumes when Henry V _____ Normandy and takes advantage of French _____ - dutch of Burgundy
    • invades
    • disunity
  31. Treaty of Troyes - Henry V becomes _____ to the throne of France.
  32. _____ convinces Cahrles VII that God told her to deliever besieged _____ from the English.
    She gave a sense of national _____.
    After the dutch of _____ made peace with France, English were defeated and left with one coastal enclave
    • Joan of Arc
    • Orleans
    • identity
    • Burgundy
  33. impact of the war
    1. France was _____; French nationalism was _____.
    2.Burgundy was a major _____ power.
    3.England was forced to develop their clothing industry and found new _____ for trade
    • devastated
    • awakened
    • political
    • markets
  34. Clericis laicos
    forbade taxation of clergy without papal approval
  35. Avignon
    Pope Clement V moves papal court to this city
  36. Curia
    the papal court
  37. Defender of Peace
    argued the pope was a subordinate member of society over which the emperor has supreme authority and temporal peace was the greatest good.
  38. Conciliar Theory of Church Government
    A church in which a representative council could effectively regulate the actions of the pope.
  39. The 13th century was
    • a powerful political institution governed by it's own laws and courts
    • serviced by an efficient bureaucracy
    • preoccupied with secular goals
  40. Pope Boniface VIII challenged the monarchs of Europe when he
    • supported Scottish resistence in England
    • sent a bull, Ausculta fili, to King Philip informing him God has set popes over kings and kingdoms
  41. To make money Pope Clement V sold indulgences to rais money. This led to
    the aviginon papacy's reputation for materialism and wealth
  42. The lollards in England looked to the writings of ____ to justify their demands and the Hussites in Bohemia looked to the writings of ____ to justify their demands.
    • John Wycliffe
    • John Huss
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